Klunking 3: Snow Summit Bike Park from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

The Howru Klunk Crew gets after it at opening day of Snow Summit Bike Park. A freak May snowstorm made for all time conditions when the sun started shining on Saturday. The trails were dialed and the park was wide open, a perfect scenario for an all out klunkfest. #ohhowru
Riders: Carl Hulick, Tucker Hopkins, and Paul Jackson
Filmed: Kevin Haynes and Doug Druz
Edited : Kevin Haynes

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 2.16.24 PM

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  • FattyHeadshok

    Am I missing something here or do these bikes actually not have brakes? These are fixies? This is going well beyond ridgid SS realm. That doesn’t make them clunkers just plain ol’ dangerous. No wonder the guy has brown pants! That being said, this some truly hellaciously skilled riding on fixie mountain bikes. Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher were definitely into brakes. They rode clunkers. I’d be willing to ride a clunker to see what it’s like. But I wouldn’t throw my leg over one of these top tubes!

    • Robert Verez

      As far as I can tell these are Transition Klunkers which have a coaster brake. They are neither the Klunkers the pioneers of mtb rode nor mtb fixies, but from the look at this video are wicked fun!

    • Greg Heil

      What Robert said. If these were fixies, they’d have to be pedaling 100% of the time that they’re going downhill, AND while they’re in the air if they want their wheels to roll when they hit the ground 🙂

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