Our second of four episodes is here and Oneonta is ready for you to feast your eyes upon it’s lush forests, perfect dirt and amazing rocks.


Situated just west of the Catskill mountains in central New York, Oneonta is quickly becoming a mountain biker’s dream town. Five minutes from downtown sees riders in the middle of 40 miles of singletrack, and that number is growing. Two universities in town have brought ample amounts of volunteerism to the trails and the talent being produced is starting to command attention.


Sam Brown-Shaklee is one of the premier riders from the region and alongside his good friend and fellow upstater Paul Dotsenko, we get to see just how fast and fun these trails can really be!

Watch the video here:

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  • gar29

    Nice looking trails! This is close to my home town. I think I know where I will be riding next time I make it home for a visit!

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