The data is in, the maths have been done, and Dr. Howard Hurst is ready to declare a winner… sort of.

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  • C-Lo

    I read another article that stated almost the same thing. That is the only reason I kept my 26″ bike. I am just looking for a nice full suspension frame now.

    • Matt_Noel

      I have a Santa Cruz medium blur xc carbon full suspension frame for sale 26″.
      Looks like they picked a bunch of road bikers to test mountain bike wheel sizes.

  • tjc58

    Would be good to see the actual data. What constants are being used in the study such as rider, time of day, food intake, resting time in between testing? I enjoy all wheel sizes, however it would be very interesting to see the control variables and data.

  • Spanky

    Interesting, but Idk if this test takes in all variables. Speed and time isn’t the only thing that comes into play when choosing a wheel size either.

  • amercycprod

    OK, each bike was ridden on lap on a 3.8 km (1.4 miles, maybe six minutes) course and none of the riders had 27.5 wheel experience. Sounds like a fair and scientific test…. NOT. All the high tech equipment seemed to be there, but the sampling was flawed (rider experience with all wheel sizes, real world ride length on each bike was not long enough).

    Not taking away from Santa Cruz’s line up of great bikes, but they are early in their 27.5 offerings (second year?). Maybe another brand that has many more years of dialing in their product would have been a better choice.

    Too many missing variables in this test to declare an overall winner.

  • Matt_Noel

    Looks like they picked a bunch of road bikers to test mountain bike wheel sizes.
    And yes,it is a totally insignificant test.
    People will still hear what they want to hear out of this vid and believe what they want. This could have been paid for by the bike manufacturers they are going to have to gear up again and have videos like this before they bring the 26 back to the USA.

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