This video needs little explanation. But in case you’re wondering how the bike got tangled in the fence in the first place, Paul (the owner of the bike) was lifting his bike over the fence and dropped it once he realized the fence was electric. Smooth move?


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  • slushdog

    The fence is there for a reason. Very inconsiderate of this biker mangling the fence for a short cut.

  • john2006

    This should be titled, “how to get land posted no trespassing”! As a mountain biker and land owner I am saddened that these people think it’s funny. Too lazy to open the gate beside the fence if they are allowed to access the area and trespassing if the gate is locked. This is why we have the posted ground that we do and why we will have more forbidden areas in the future.

    • Jeff Barber

      I think maybe this happened in the UK where trespassing laws are slightly different. But still, doing damage to someone’s property is never acceptable.

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