It’s human nature: we can’t help but watch mountain bike crash videos like this one. But apparently some Instagram and internet commenters who watched this are upset with the way Mads André Haugen (the rider who filmed the crash) reacts to seeing his buddy Anders Eimhjellen Blom being tossed like a rag doll.

You can read more about the story, including a response from Haugen on Adventure Journal, but here’s the question: How do you think you would react to seeing a friend involved in a bad MTB crash? It’s definitely a scary situation, and our responses are often involuntary. Truly, we’re not sure if we should laugh or cry sometimes…

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  • triton189

    Hindsight is always 20/20, but I’d like to think that if I was present at the crash I would encourage that person to get looked at by a doctor at the emergency room. Reading the follow up by the guy recording it appears that is exactly what they did, not much more you can do for a buddy. As far as his laughing when it happened, I think we are all guilty of that.

  • rajflyboy

    Dude got lucky

    These dudes were riding beyond their abilities. We all do it from time to time.

    And Another reason I don’t like riding hard near big time drop offs. Bad place to crash.

  • rajflyboy

    And another example of why you have to keep your weight back and front wheel out of holes.

  • Downhill Mike

    Not sure what he is saying excacly but sounds like Oh My Oh My. I don’t think there is something bad in what he is saying. Hopefully his buddy will be good and this video is a good example of what not to do.

  • Head Over Handlebars

    Slow news day, huh?

    But seriously I laughed, it was a funny looking, although severe, crash. I hope the guy’s okay. I think it’s kind of a gut reaction for many of us to laugh when things go wrong, particularly when riding on a huge adrenaline high. It helps to joke and make light of an otherwise serious situation. I know I try to laugh it off when I crash rather than get angry, which doesn’t help anyone. And as another commenter pointed out, it does seem like he’s concerned towards the end, and it’s a big shift in emotional state unlikely to happen instantly.

    I could also just be talking out my ass.

  • vapidoscar562

    Not saying “oh my”. He is Norwegian. Saying “Oh nei. Nei. Nei. Nei”. Also, he is yelling “fy fæn” before the crash. I’ll let you translate.

  • AnneCarlo

    my first OTB was frightening..and i was sure i had cracked my sternum. riders behind me stopped and one stayed with me while the other rode ahead to catch up with my riding buddies to bring them back. after about 10 minutes, and it was determined i was ok the kudos and “that was an epic crash” came with smiles and supporting laughs. I never feel alone or scared on the trail because every MTBer i have come across as been encouraging, caring and great company!

  • Nashinoki

    Happy to hear that the guy is well… because the bike definitely won that fight with a perfect landing and parking! 🙂

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