I have heard tales of an incredible ride in Moab by the name of “The Whole Enchilada,” but I haven’t truly been able to grasp its epicness… until now.

The Whole Enchilada drops over 7,000 vertical feet from Burro Pass down to the town of Moab, Utah over the course of 26 glorious miles.

This nicely-edited helmet cam video gives you a feel for the entire descent, but trims it down to just the best 11 minutes. Sit back and enjoy, and start dreaming about a Moab trip now!

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  • GoldenGoose

    I saw this one a week or two ago and was really impressed by it. One of the better POV trail riding videos I have seen. Beautiful scenery, good music, and an interesting way to tell the story of the trail. Just enough time spent in each section to give you a feel for it without boring you.

  • Fatguyonalittle

    Really nice job on the video… I love the Whole Enchilada, a lot. I can’t believe he left out “the NOTCH”… it’s all me and my buddies talked about after… we got to the top of the notch and wondered where the trail went… well straight down, duh. The Whole Enchilada is a must for all MTB’ers!!

  • mtbgreg1

    @Fatguyonalittle, do you have video of the Notch? I’d like to see it!

  • motoxer913

    This Whole Enchilada is the ONLY reason I stop in Moab on my way to ride Fruita and Grand Junction. Love The Whole Enchilada!!! Great job on the video!

  • Johns96ss

    I need this…6min:38sec, i used a 4 letter word and remembered my fear of edges. great job

  • Bubblehead10MM

    Awesome video, Was loving the top part but when it went past a 500ft shear drop on sketchy rocks, that’s exactly where I would find a way to tip over the wrong way.

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