Check out this beautifully shot and edited riding video by Petr Slavik from the Czech Republic. The trails featured in this vid were old hunting trails built centuries ago that have been re-purposed as mountain bike trails.

Who’s up for a trip to the Czech Republic? 🙂

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  • slipfinger

    Great little movie. Makes me want to get out and ride but mother nature decided to make it rain today!
    I like the effect of the camera dropping in the water.

  • mtbgreg1

    Scratch that, thanks to AK_Dan for sharing this one on Facebook. Next sunday’s might be one of brian’s that he shared on the forums. 😉


    Great stuff! A good friend of mine lives in Czech. Cant wait to visit him someday and ride this.

  • tobar

    I second the bucket list comment. Great video too. And love the wooden signs.

  • jaredmcvay

    The use of water as a transition was a great/ original idea. I like it.

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