When we talk about riding trails with “exposure,” places like Moab and other great Rocky Mountain destinations come to mind. But often, our brushes with “the edge” are very brief. The precipice is here, and then gone.

After watching this video, I think I have gained a whole new appreciation for the term “exposure.” This trail doesn’t briefly skirt the edge of a massive cliff. No, the riders have a chance of serious injury or death every pedal stroke of the way!

Check it out:

Would you try to ride this trail?

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  • RoadWarrior

    Where was this trail at, would not want to accidentally get on it. But what awesome scenery. Might be able to shove my phobia’s away long enough to hike it.

  • mtbgreg1

    I believe it was in Germany somewhere but I’m not 100% certain

  • trek7k

    Despite the lack of any real speed, this video got my adrenaline pumping! Maybe riding this trail at night would be easier since you couldn’t see the drop to make you nervous?

  • mtbgreg1

    I was just thinking about all of the extended bridge sections… can you imagine if this trail was the slightest bit wet?!

  • fleetwood

    I forwarded this video to my riding buddies a week or two ago. I believe the subject line read, “no freaking way!”. Yeah, I’ll pass on that one, but it is fascinating footage to watch.

  • jake1

    awesome trail i am like soggynilla would hike it one mistake on a bike you are going over.
    It looks like they would use a lot of brakes with the dips on the trail you would not want to get a head of steam on this trail

  • jaredmcvay

    Much like stated above, I think hiking this might be enough for me. This is not one of those routes you are looking for time improvement on… I think you are looking for life at the end.

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