Fat bikes epitomize the go-anywhere do-anything mountain bike mentality. The Swiss Army Knife of the bicycle world, I am constantly amazed by the wide variety of conditions that these bikes excel in! Chukt put it best:

I have spent my life skipping school and work on fine crust condition days, both nordic and alpine skiing (snowboarding too), and last April and May by fat bike…and in all the western states. Where ever there is snow…the Snowy Range of SE Wyo is particularly sweet.

Nothing compares to these conditions, not the best day in Moab or Sedona or Sun Valley…it is like the whole planet is singletrack–the whole planet is like Slick Rock.

Click here to watch fat bikes rolling in perfect crust condtions:

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  • skibum

    Not cool showing me this as the ground is now covered with snow and I am strictly forbidden from buying any more bikes.

    Beautiful video!

  • lovemountainbiking12

    looks like the tires dont fill up with snow…how deep of snow can you ride in..does it just float across the top? how much do these bikes cost?

  • stumpyfsr

    Great video! Yeah, these bikes cost a bit, not more then quality MTB, but you can’t stop smiling while riding. Makes you feel intrepid ????

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