Whistler Mountain Bike Park opens tomorrow, May 17 which is pretty incredible given that the average snow depth is still more than 35 inches on the mountain. As a point of comparison Keystone in Colorado won’t open for mountain biking until June 20, more than a month later despite its location almost 1,000 miles south of Whistler!

My question, when I first read about the Whistler opening, was how did they do it? Have they had unseasonably warm weather? Are they melting the snow with giant hair dryers? Do the Canadians just ride on snow packed trails?

It turns out the trails at Whistler are being cleared using machines and snow shovels – hard work no doubt, especially on the steeper pitches. I’m guessing the trails will stay pretty soggy through the next few months as the piles of snow melt but hey – they’re biking in May!

Whistler is serious about mountain biking and the effort they put in to get the trails open early is a real testament to their commitment to biking at the resort. While nearby slopes stay open to skiers, Whistler is throwing off the snow and rolling out the MTB welcome mat. Looking for some early season downhill? I think I know just the place…

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