Grand Valley

18 Road. Photo: Scott Anderson

The Grand Valley is a geographic region along the Western Slope of Colorado that encompasses the towns of Grand Junction, Fruita, Loma, and Palisade. Unlike most of the other destinations on this list, the trail network here is comprised largely of desert singletrack, meaning that this destination is best for a fall, winter, or spring riding trip. The fact that the Grand Valley doesn’t feature epic, high-elevation singletrack highlights the overall diversity that Colorado as a state offers.

While this region has long been ranked as a top-level destination, the COPMOBA folks in the Grand Valley continue to build trails and improve mountain bike trail offerings. As tourism has increased, so has the infrastructure like restaurants and micro-breweries to support it.

The closest ski resort to the Grand Valley is Powderhorn, located up on the Grand Mesa. While Powderhorn doesn’t nearly have the quality of natural snow or terrain that most other Colorado resorts offer, they’ve recently opened a brand-new bike park that’s attracting riders from across the region and diversifying the available MTB offerings.

Must-Ride Trails:


Bike Shops:

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  • John Fisch

    Can’t argue with that top 5!
    What’s amazing is that that top 5 doesn’t allow space for so many other great destinations: Winter Park, Eagle, Vail, Steamboat, Colorado Springs, Del Norte, Front Range, Leadville, Telluride …

    • Greg Heil

      No doubt!! That’s why I figured a Top 5 destinations list was viable even on the state level–so many to choose from!

  • mongwolf

    Lots of dirt for the knobbies to cover. The stuff dreams are made of, and I do waaaaaaay too much of that.

  • Zebbie

    Breck just had a substantial fire – lots of homes evacuated, etc. Might check that out before considering it at this time.

  • T.raci

    Best brews in Durango…hello…where is Steamworks Brewery? Absolutely THE best in Durango!!!

  • Brandon Dalton

    The fire Zebbie mentioned is still burning over 46,000 acres. Updates are available on Facebook or web search for 416 fire).

    National Forest and parks were closed for a short time and may close again due to extreme fire danger. Plan accordingly.

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