Bentonville, Arkansas

Photo: Scott Cotter

Photo: Scott Cotter

Bentonville claims over 100 miles of singletrack within 30 miles of the city’s center–and they keep adding more every year! These trails are high-caliber, with massive berms, flow lines, and plenty of jumps… yet you can still find bouldery, technical rock gardens on other trails. Thanks to the hard work by the local IMBA chapter, IMBA has chosen Bentonville for their biennial World Summit, which will be held there this fall (2016).

After the ride, be sure to check out Ozark Brewing in nearby Rogers, Arkansas, which is home to highly-acclaimed beers, like their double IPA.

Must-ride trails include Slaughter Pen, Blowing Springs, and Mt. Kessler.

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  • See3p0

    “Duluth is also home to the only lift-served downhill mountain biking in the Midwest, found at Spirit Mountain,” This is incorrect. Detroit Lakes Mountain is a ski resort/mtb destination not far from Duluth. http://detroitmountain.com/

    • Greg Heil

      Based on the website, it sounds like either the trails aren’t completed yet, or that they were just built (doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while). Do you have any more info?

    • epic.biker

      I’ve ridden Detroit Lakes Mountain. It is open. Lifts only run on the weekends. I happened to hit is on a weekday so didn’t use the lift. There was plenty of flatter trail surrounding the mountain that didn’t require a lift to ride. Most of the trails were new and they were adding more. Hope they keep it going.

  • StaranCycles

    Great spots for sure Greg!
    I will throw one more in the mix that’s technically east of the Rockies : Toronto, Ontario

    If you are willing to venture ~1hr in any direction (but south, that’s Lake Ontario) you will find incredible trails from fun flowy stuff at Albion HIlls, Durham, or the Hydrocut, crazy climbs in Waterdown, rough flat stuff at the Halton Agreement Forest. Even in TO there are the DVP trails.

    • Greg Heil

      Good point! I know we didn’t mention in the title and perhaps we didn’t mention in the intro, but we were just going with the USA on this list. If we had done Canada, Vallee Bras Du Nord in Quebec would most likely have made the list.

  • GTXC4

    “Colorado this,” or “California that.”? I’d say Utah hands down, but they’re too busy riding to make a comment.

    I need to make my way east, gone too much for work. Should be able to really get some trail travel in after retirement. What I have found is that there are some gold mines tucked away in neighborhoods and towns across the country, just got know about it. Nice post.

  • Bill S

    Sugarbush in Vermont has Downhill Lift served biking everyday all summer, Plus the trails in and around the Valley make great XC riding. The development happening at Blueberry Lake has superior flow for all levels of Riders thanks to the Mad River Riders. After a great ride try some mountain soaring at the Warren Sugarbush Airport.

  • John Fisch

    Technically, the Black Hills are “east of the Rockies.” But they look just like anything along Colorado’s front range or even Northern New Mexico or Flagstaff, AZ. That said, I would take a week there before any of the 10 on this list. There is great quantity, quality and variety of riding, and very few people. some of the best trails remain under the radar and the savvy rider can find real solitude in the marvelous pine forests. There’s plenty of non-cycling adventure to be had as well.

  • granvillegravel

    Thanks for the article — very timely as I plan a late summer riding destination in the East.

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