Bend, Oregon

Mount Bachelor Bike Park. Photo: Aran Eversman

Mount Bachelor Bike Park. Photo: Aran Eversman

While some riders can’t stand Bend’s classic “moon dust” conditions, ongoing trail expansion can’t be denied, and Bend is now, without a doubt, one of the top destinations in the nation.

More singletrack keeps getting added to Bend’s hundreds of miles of trails (which are almost all accessible from right in town… depending on your fitness level), and mountain bike infrastructure like an in-town dirt jump and skills park, expert guiding from Cog Wild, and tons of bike shops are all critical critical to Bend’s success. Also helping put Bend over the top is the inaugural opening of the Mount Bachelor downhill mountain bike park just a couple of years ago, already boasting a wide array of trails.

If you like to drink beer after a ride, as most mountain bikers are wont to do, there’s no better place than Bend: this town of 100,000 is currently home to 22 micro breweries, and there are an additional 7 in the communities that surround Bend.


Must-ride trails include Phil’s Area, Tiddlywinks, and North Fork.

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    • David Matthews

      Yeah, Green Mountain Trails in Pittsfield is awesome!

  • Spanky

    I’m sure they’re all great, but I feel like the midwest and east coast are left out a lot.

  • Gdb49

    Don’t know the the “Ten Best”, but I’d sure be happy to ride that list!

  • asspadtycoon

    The Midwest and East do have great places, but sorry folks, nothing beats the West.

    Envious Midwesterner

    • Greg Heil

      Haha, comment of the day right here!

  • Danmtchl

    Santa Cruz? Who forgot this little gem. The Kern River Valley? Another nugget

  • rajflyboy

    I still say the best trails are the ones you ride every day (Near where you live)

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