Grand Valley, Colorado

18 Road Trails. Rider: Nancy Anderson. Photo: Scott Anderson.

18 Road Trails. Rider: Nancy Anderson. Photo: Scott Anderson.

The Grand Valley is a geographic region on the Western Slope of Colorado that encompasses the towns of Grand Junction, Fruita, Loma, and Palisade.

On our previous list, we used the label “Fruita” to include all of the Grand Valley, but that’s quite honestly a misnomer, as there are plenty of top-notch trails located in Grand Junction, Palisade, Loma, and in the middle of friggin’ nowhere (Rabbit Valley, anyone?) that all comprise this destination.

While this region has long been ranked as a top-level destination, the folks in the Grand Valley continue to build trails and improve the mountain bike offerings, and as tourism has increased, so has the infrastructure like restaurants and micro-breweries to support it.

The closest ski resort to the Grand Valley is Powderhorn, located up on the Grand Mesa. While Powderhorn doesn’t nearly have the quality of natural snow or terrain that most other Colorado resorts offer, they’ve just opened two brand-new downhill mountain biking trails, to capitalize on the region’s ever-increasing mountain bike tourism… and they plan to build even more!

Must-ride trails include Kokopelli-Area Trails, the Lunch Loops, and 18 Road Trails.

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    • David Matthews

      Yeah, Green Mountain Trails in Pittsfield is awesome!

  • Spanky

    I’m sure they’re all great, but I feel like the midwest and east coast are left out a lot.

  • Gdb49

    Don’t know the the “Ten Best”, but I’d sure be happy to ride that list!

  • asspadtycoon

    The Midwest and East do have great places, but sorry folks, nothing beats the West.

    Envious Midwesterner

    • Greg Heil

      Haha, comment of the day right here!

  • Danmtchl

    Santa Cruz? Who forgot this little gem. The Kern River Valley? Another nugget

  • rajflyboy

    I still say the best trails are the ones you ride every day (Near where you live)

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