Virginia: Blacksburg

Carvin's Cove. photo: Greg Heil.

Carvin’s Cove. photo: Greg Heil.

Blacksburg is a small college town nestled in the Appalachian mountains but most importantly, it’s close to some of the best mountain biking in the state!  As the crow flies, Carvin’s Cove is within 25 miles of town and other popular rides like Dragon’s Back and Pandapas Pond are easily-accessible from Blacksburg.

Washington: Leavenworth

Freund Creek. photo: Kelly Nowels.

Freund Creek. photo: Kelly Nowels.

Leavenworth snagged a top 10 spot in our list of the best mountain bike destinations, making it an easy pick for the MTB capital of Washington. Stevens Pass bike park is located in Leavenworth and by our count there are more than 450 miles of singletrack and jeep trails within 25 miles of town. If you go, be sure to hit Freund Creek and Sage Hills, in addition to the bike park. After your ride, hit one of the local breweries or distilleries in town.

West Virginia: Davis

Plantation Trail. photo: Outdoornut.

Plantation Trail. photo: Outdoornut.

West Virginia is the Mountain State, and its mountain bike capital is, hands down, located in Davis. Sitting at the northern tip of the Monongahela National Forest, Davis boasts access to well over 100 miles of trails, including some double-black diamond rated trails. Must rides include the CVI trails (rated the third most popular trail in the state), North Fork Mountain, and the Plantation Trail. Bring your climbing legs and tech skills–the trails around Davis will challenge (and reward) everyone, even experienced riders!

Wisconsin: Cable

photo: Scott Anderson.

photo: Scott Anderson.

Midwestern riders won’t be surprised to learn that Cable is the mountain bike capital of Wisconsin. Cable is a top 5 destination for midwestern riders according to our own survey data, is home to the IMBA Epic Rock Lake loop, and hosts huge annual MTB events like the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival and the Fat Bike Birkie. The scenery around Cable is beautiful and the 100-or-so-miles of trails are always in great shape thanks to the tireless work of the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA).

Wyoming: Jackson

Cache Creek to Game Creek. photo: justin70.

Cache Creek to Game Creek. photo: justin70.

The Jackson, WY area boasts not one but two bike parks, making Jackson our choice for the mountain biking capital of Wyoming. We count more than 300 miles of trails within 25 miles of town and access to the best scenery the Teton Range has to offer. Mountain bikers will want to visit Grand Targhee Resort and the IMBA Epic Grand Targhee Loop, plus other favorites like Cache Creek to Game Creek and Phillips Ridge. Be sure to sample the craft beer at Snake River Brewing and if you’re looking for more info, read Greg’s excellent coverage of the riding in the Jackson / Wydaho area.

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  • Derrick Nobman

    Don’t forget about Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in Victor Idaho!! The MTB authority in the Tetons and beyond!!

  • YETIMAN4164

    Naperville??? Seriously? Most of the trails you guys listed are not even trails they are walking paths. Having lived in Naperville for a few decades I can assure you…You are WRONG!

    • Jeff Barber

      Thanks Yetiman. A lot of people made the same comment but we haven’t heard any suggestions for a better selection. Unfortunately Illinois just doesn’t have a lot of options. 🙁

    • YETIMAN4164

      I would suggest Chicago for Northern Illinois! Less than an hour to almost everything you listed for Naperville (including the short but awesome SawWeeKee in Oswego). The up-side to Chicago is that unlike Naperville, there are a ton of bike shops, hotels, and food and you are less than 45 minutes from Indiana riding like Rum Village, Imagination Glen, Potato Creek, etc…And the soon to open “Big Marsh” project in Chicago.
      I have riden Peoria but not enough to comment…..So Chicago may not be the MTB capitol of Illinois, but Naperville certainly is not!

      Palos Rocks, Singletracks.com Rocks, Thanks guys!

    • Robert Whisler

      Illinois: Bad research! Really bad reply. 30 seconds on Google would have fixed that. You are writing on behalf of mountainbikers? You mailed that one in!

  • Jackofall

    Roanoke has Carvins Cove. It’s over 12000 acres of mountain biking.

    • Jeff Barber

      Right, and technically Carvin’s Cove is w/in 25 miles of Blacksburg which is why we picked it! We debated about Roanoke vs. Blacksburg but since they both grab Carvin’s Cove, we opted for the smaller town of Blacksburg.

  • mongwolf

    Wow, so many posters being so sensitive. I guess it just shows that mountain bikers feel strongly about their trails. All in all, for me it’s nice to see the list and see the other locations that riders really like. One state that of course doesn’t get much attention (and rightfully so) is Ohio. And though the current MTB capital may be Wooster. I think there is some momentum building in the southeast part of the state where the terrain is actually quite big and hilly and excellent for mountain biking. There is tons of potential there.

  • Adam@helpdeskpros.com

    Leominster? Seriously? Guess you guys never bothered to talk to any MTBrs in MA or maybe ride some of the much more actual MTB capitals: Harold Parker, Lowell Dracut, Russell Mills, Wompatuck, Vietnam, Trail of Tears, Otis, Fells, even tiny Landlocked Forest.

    • Jeff Barber

      Great selections Adam! For next year’s list, what is a central town for all (or most) of the trail systems you mentioned? BTW, we actually included Vietnam trails in our Rhode Island selection (Woonsocket) since it’s within 25 miles of there. So much great riding close together in the NE!

  • GTXC4

    Great work, I think this article pretty well sums up the best locations. Now, to hit them all….4 years to retirement lol.

  • mtbgrinder

    Great summary – I now have a more exhaustive list of “must-visits.” As a native of Washington state, Leavenworth is incredible – not only does it offer epic grinders, ripping descents and panoramic views, but also a community full of Bavarian fun. With that said, I have to make a plug for Bellingham, WA – a location Kona happily calls home for its US base. The mix and variety of terrain and general adventure vibe of the community makes it a great destination to visit.

  • Laird Knight

    Proud as punch that Davis is listed as the capital for West Virginia! Twas, my intention from the beginning to put Davis on the map. Kudos to the on-going trail building and all the awesome new trails built by the Blackwater Bicycle Association!!! Keeping it fresh! And, to Sue Haywood for all her efforts on the Canaan MTB Festival. Ride on!

  • kjj9701

    This was a really good read. To play on the Moab being the Washington DC of all the capitals, which capital is the New York city…ie the biggest, most diverse, most eclectic, ect. My vote is Crested Butte.

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