Red rock and majestic views are a staple feature on Hog Heaven, which is just one of many thrilling singletrack rides to be found in Sedona. Hog Heaven is one of several trails that link up to form a popular ride commonly referred to as “The Hogs.”
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  • Greg Heil

    Wow, I love this shot! The texture and color of the rocks are superb, and you can tell the rider in the background is just shredding it!

  • skibum

    Been to Sedona 3 times but have yet to get to ‘The Hogs.’ Looks like I may need to go back!

  • jkldouglas

    Sedona is all it is made out to be. It is such an awesome and unique place to ride. I recommend it to everyone that I talk to about mountain biking trips.

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