United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers up a diverse selection of great mountain bike trails throughout each of the countries that make up the Kingdom. In fact, we’ve already profiled some of the must-ride trail destinations in places like Wales and Scotland.  But choosing just one or two must-ride trails for the entire UK? That’s a fool’s errand. Luckily, few have claimed we are wise.


Afan Forest Park

After aggregating Singletracks trail ratings and reviews for all the trails in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, Afan Forest Park came out on top. With up to 200km of trails to choose from, Singletracks readers give Afan Forest Park high marks for both trail quality and variety. Standout trails within Afan Forest Park include The Wall and Skyline due to their epic scenery and rowdy descents.


Among the Seven Stanes in Scotland, Kirroughtree is generally considered the most popular, if not the best of all the trail centres. Not only that, Singletracks readers rated the trail the second most popular overall within the United Kingdom due in part to the well-organized trail centre operation. Kirroughtree boasts nearly 70km of trails rated from beginner to expert, which Singletracks reviewer SunSnowandWater says are “well-built, smooth, and great fun.”

United States

There are countless excellent mountain bike trails to choose from within the United States, from purpose-built singletrack to days-long backcountry epics, and from lift-served bike parks to remote technical challenges. But perhaps no ride in the USA gives mountain bikers a taste of all that diversity in a single ride like The Whole Enchilada in Moab.

The Whole Enchilada

photo: Chris Daniels

For those who aren’t American English speakers, the phrase “the whole enchilada” is an idiom that essentially means “everything,” which is a great way to describe this classic Moab ride. The Whole Enchilada shuttle route begins above treeline at Burro Pass in the La Sal mountains, and descends roughly 7,000 feet to the Colorado River over the course of 26 miles.

photo: Michael Paul

As the route descends, riders will pedal through lush aspen groves, across a high grassy mesa, among low, straggly pines, and finally across barren, rocky desert terrain. The trail is incredibly scenic, but it also offers up both flowy, smooth singletrack and technical rocky challenges, all in a single ride.

As an added bonus, The Whole Enchilada incorporates parts of many iconic trails like Porcupine Rim, LPS and UPS, and Kokopelli’s Trail. Visitors can also easily access all the other world-renowned riding in the Moab area.

Did we miss your country? If so, what’s the best mountain bike trail where you live?

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  • el Iron

    On Mexico, near Mexico City is the trail… Nevado-Valle an epic trail. From a Volcano Nevado de Toluca to the nice little town of Valle de Bravo, a great place to practise MTB and expend a few days

  • ridemtb2004

    Stromberg flowtrail in germany is an absolute must ride. Between the wild hog and the no jokes trails there is something to challenge everybody

  • saranat

    Inforgivenl! You forgot Portugal. It may be a small country, but with lots of tracks for mountain bike, for all kind of users.
    There are beautiful tracks in Arrabida and Sintra, next to Lisbon, and several other mountains were you can still ride freely.
    There are also some bike centers that are responsible for over 42 tracks with 1472 kms of well maintained tracks.

  • s.dolcerocca

    I know that France is already in the article, but you’ve forgotten the Cradle of Enduro: The Maritime Alps, with Epic trails such as Red Earth , Chamoussillon, Col des Champs…. and many many more!

    Have a nice Ride

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