Every day of the week we feature an excellent user-submitted mountain bike photo as our Photo of the Day. Just in case you missed one or two from the past week, here are the seven most recent PODs that we’ve published. To view a larger version of the image, just click on it.

"Climbing up at the far end - "Springs" section." Trail: White Mesa Bike Trails, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Photo: Jerry Hazard.

"Sharp Point - Albany, Western Australia." Photo: Dave Polette.

Photo courtesy of Projekt Roam.

"Dave RS ripping it up down the Lancaster Black Diamond Trail in Perth Western Australia!" Photo: Jon Lloyd.

Rider: Geoff Gulevich. Photo: Margus Riga.

Sibillini vertride! Italy. Photo: Sergio Barboni.

Rider: Wade Simmons. Photo: Margus Riga.

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  • jjohnso8508

    Hey, I live in Colorado and try to ride almost everyday. Have you had the chance to ride in CO? I live in the front range so I get to shred the hoggback, white ranch, mnt. falcon and tons of other trails all within 10 minutes of my home. What is the riding like in Georgia?

    • mtbgreg1

      Yep, I’ve lived in CO before and travel there as often as I can!

      The riding in north GA is pretty good: lots of climbing, just not as long of climbs as in the colorado mountains. The Georgia clay offers excellent traction when dry.

      I’d rather live and ride in CO though!

    • mtbgreg1

      Jerry is an amazing photographer! He has a couple of magazine covers to his name.

    • hazard

      THanks, by the way!!

  • RoadWarrior

    Love the White Mesa pic. A very unique picture for a very unique trail. Have 3 of my pictures from there hanging on my wall.

    • hazard

      White Mesa is like really like riding on a Star Trek set, the geology is so varied. One of my favorite get-a-way-from-some-of-it-all places for sure!

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