Every day of the week we feature an excellent user-submitted mountain bike photo as our Photo of the Day. Just in case you missed one or two from the past week, here are the seven most recent PODs that we’ve published. To view a larger version of the image, just click on it.

"Gerry Creighton - Northside trail in Seaview Trails, Galloway, NJ." Photo: theranch.

"A very rare sighting of the elusive chukt in his native habitat. Twin Creek trail, Idaho." Photo: Marc Landblom.

Photo courtesy of Projekt Roam.

"Blom shows us how. Twin Creek Trail, North Fork, Idaho." Photo: chukt.

Rider: Max. Photo taken in Italy. Photo: Sergio Barboni.

"Get inspired in the mountains! Photo taken in Switzerland." Photo: Big Mountain Adventures.

"Snowy singletrack in the mountains of North Georgia. Rider: mtbgreg1." Photo: Max Perethian.

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