Every day of the week we feature an excellent user-submitted mountain bike photo as our Photo of the Day. Just in case you missed one or two from the past week, here are the seven most recent PODs that we’ve published. To view a larger version of the image, just click on it.

West Loop, Franke Park, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Photo: zephxiii.

Monarch Crest Trail, Salida, Colorado. Photo: cmcquade.

Dgaddis racing at the Georgia Singlespeed State Championships at Paynes Creek, GA. Photo: Nik Fedele.

"Sidehiller about to round a switchback on the Continental Divide Trail." Sula, Montana. Photo: chukt.

"5 Torri (Cortina d'Ampezzo)." Italy. Photo: Sergio Barboni.

Klunking in Washington. Photo: Transition Bikes.

Bonnet Carrie Spillway MTB Trail, Norco, Louisiana. Photo: arouil1.

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  • MrRodgers82

    Sweet! I am headed to Cortina (picture 5) in January. Of course it will be covered in snow when I get there. I guess after I ski it, I’ll have to come back after the snow melts and bike it!

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