Inspired by CraigCreekRider’s forum post titled “2012 Memorable Ride Pics,” I decided to go through some of my best mountain bike photos from last year. Boy, was it an awesome year! Sometimes at the end it’s hard to remember things you did way back in the spring, so I love to go back and reminisce about all the places I’ve been… and think about all the places I still want to visit!

Tire tracks through ice crystals on the coldest day of the year (January).

Southeast Bike Expo in February.

Crossing the finish line of The Snake Creek Gap Time Trial in March.

BetterRide Skills Camp in April. Rider: Chris.

Mountain Biking all the trails in Chattanooga in May. Photo: jeff.

Traveled to the Dominion Riverrock Festival in May. Rider: unknown.

Singletracks group ride at Lair O' the Bear in Colorado in June. Rider: maddslacker.

Riding the Blackjack Trail in Colorado in June. Photo: jeff.

Riding in Moab in June.

Riding in Tahoe in June.

Riding at China Camp on the San Francisco Bay with my wife, Summer, in June.

Riding in So Cal in July.

Riding at Big Bear in July. Rider: Scott Durkin.

Riding in Flagstaff on our way home in July.

Rode part of the Drama Queen ride in August.

Riding at the Interbike Outdoor Demo in Las Vegas in September. Photo: jeff.

NGCSU Cycling Club Group Rides (all fall).

Riding in North Carolina in October.

Riding in Virginia in November. Photo: Dan Lucas.

First long training ride in December for the Cohutta 100 in April 2013. Bike: Foundry Cycles Broadaxe 29er.

Your Turn: Do you have some memorable ride pics from 2012? Share them with us here!

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  • nickrm

    Great photos! Awesome to see first thing in the morning! And just goes to show that I need to ride a lot more than I do

    • mtbgreg1

      Thanks man, glad you enjoyed them!

  • treky92

    I had a really good year, but did not take many pictures. I managed to ride 21 trails that I had never ridden before as well as my regular trails numerous times. In addition to that, I had my longest day in the saddle too. Not a bad year at all, but I can’t wait for it to warm up this year!

    • mtbgreg1

      Re: Warm Up: Me too, I just keep telling myself that spring is probably only 1 or 2 months away down here…

  • CraigCreekRider

    Nice! My year looks tame compared to yours. Glad you got to experience all those different places. Keep on riding……..

    • mtbgreg1

      Will do, you too man!

  • KleinGuy

    Nice Greg! I’m jealous! I barely rode at all last year. It sucks living down here, ha. I think I did 3 GSC races and we went to Tsali for a long weekend and that was it besides riding around (which I don’t count!).

    • mtbgreg1

      Thanks man! Yeah, I think it was definitely the best of mountain biking I’ve done to date.

      Heard you were thinking about moving to Woodstock area… guess that never panned out?

    • KleinGuy

      Yea, not yet. Looking for a job anywhere north of Atlanta. If you know anywhere looking for a GIS person let me know!

    • mtbgreg1

      Will do!

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