Heading out for an all-day ride in the wilderness? Here are some essential things we recommend to take with you.


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  • mongwolf

    Quite honestly, I liked these kinds of topics so much better when one of our own on ST wrote and shared their own ideas and experiences. Basically, the same info was shared but in a much more interesting and personal way so it seemed. And if I remember right, there were a lot more comments posted and dialogue among members generated. Sure I admit some shared video is good to include in the mix, but it seems to be best for certain topics and in a limited manner. Maybe others feel the same, maybe they don’t, but I wanted to give my concerned feedback because I care about ST and greatly appreciate the fine job Greg, Jeff and other have done.

  • markalanprior

    “I don’t always carry too much gear, but when I do, it includes a derailleur hangar”

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