We’ve had a ton of people asking about Singletracks jerseys lately so we’re stoked to start taking pre-orders for a fresh batch starting today! These are high quality jerseys and they stand up to serious abuse on the trail (just ask element22).

XC Jersey: Full zip, $50

DH Jersey: 3/4 sleeve, $50

These are club-cut Champion System jerseys and the order pages linked above have sizing charts to help you get a great fit.

We’re only taking pre-orders for the next 2 weeks so if you want a jersey, now is the time! The cut-off is February 14 and jerseys should arrive within 6-8 weeks, just in time for spring riding.

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  • maddslacker

    I can vouch for the XC jersey. It’s super comfortable and has held up well.

    Are you using the same supplier this time around?

    • jeff

      Yeah, same vendor: Champion Systems.

    • maddslacker

      Our friends over at Funkier Apparel do custom jerseys as well. #justsayin. 😀

    • mtbgreg1

      +1. My Singletracks jersey is the most comfortable one that I own. $50 for such a great jersey is such a great deal!

  • nickrm

    How true are the sizes? I’m very interested in one for that pice!

    • jeff

      The sizing chart is pretty accurate but if you’re looking for a subjective opinion, I’d say they run small so order a size larger than you might normally wear.

    • nickrm

      Very kind of you, thank you

    • element22

      I second that…

    • armyslowrdr

      3d that. i’ve yet to wear mine as my weight hovered between 220 and 230 nearly all last year. but 10 pounds down this month…3 or 4 months of that the 2x or 3x..cant remember–ought to fit.

  • slipfinger

    Regarding the DH jersey, are the sleeves in the picture of Syd and the one you are wearing Jeff considered full sleeve or 3/4 sleeve?

    Sizing question, I’m 200lbs of pure soft “muscle” and would like an idea of sizing for the DH and the XC jerseys.

    Thanks guys

    • jeff

      Good question. The previous DH jersey (the one Syd is wearing in the photo) featured full length sleeves. The updated DH jersey will have 3/4 length sleeves.

      In the XC jersey you might wear an XL or even 2XL. I’m 170 and wear a large but I’m thinking about an XL this time for a looser fit.

    • TuacaTom

      I generally wear jogging / running jerseys because I hate the tight fitting cycling gear. Probably because I’m middle aged and not a slender. Thanks for the fitting idea on the sizes to choose. At 5’10’ 185, I’m thinking XC at 2XL.

    • skibum

      I don’t really need another jersey at this time, but I’m gonna have to commit to getting one myself. That’s a great price for a sharp looking jersey. I normally wear a XL in other brands, so maybe a 2XL here? I’m a clyde at 215#.

  • socaljohn

    I am one of the very few that goes out of my way to purchase clothing that has a minimalist approach to showing off company logos (the bigger the logo the less chance I will buy it). I have always resented paying to promote a company. BUT, I gotta say your jersey’s are very cool looking! Maybe….just maybe. Convince me please!

    • jeff

      Best I can do is tell you we’re breaking even on the jerseys. Think of it as getting the logo (and Syd’s hard work on the design) for free. 🙂

      At my local shop it’s tough to find jerseys for less than $70 which makes these even more of a steal.

  • jondury

    Has a definite shipping date been determined? I am excited about getting and wearing my new Singletracks jersey…

    • mudhunny

      We were told to expect the jerseys in late March. Once we get confirmation they’re on the way we’ll let everyone know!

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