Niner Jet 9 1-Star Build

Niner Jet9 1 Star NX1 Womens Mountain Bike

Yes, shorter riders can ride 29-inch wheels! With Niner’s Jet 9 1-Star Build, you can actually choose between 27.5+ and 29″ wheelsets. 130mm of front suspension and 120mm of rear travel make the Jet 9 1-Star suitable for a wide range of trails. Like other Niner trail bikes, their patented CVA suspension design offers riders superior pedaling efficiency with the 29″ wheelset. Think of it like you’re pedaling an efficient big-wheel XC bike but with the smooth feel of riding a full-suspension platform. Niner’s aluminum Jet 9 1-Star Build is $2,600 and for a lighter weight package, the Jet 9 RDO carbon bikes start at $3,750.

Key Specs:

  • Category: Trail
  • Travel: 130mm front /120mm rear
  • Wheel Size: 27.5+/29″
  • Smallest Frame Size: XS (5’0″ – 5’5″)
  • Standover: 25.9″ (658mm)
  • Reach: 15.7″ (399mm)
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Price: $2,600

Key Components:

  • Fork: Fox 34 Float Rhythm EVOL
  • Shock: Fox Float DPS Performance EVOL
  • Drivetrain: SRAM NX 1×11
  • Brakes: SRAM Level
  • Seatpost: Niner Alloy
  • Wheelset: Niner Alloy 29 or 27.5+
  • Saddle: Niner Custom with Steel Rails

Niner SIR 9 2-Star Hardtail Bike - S Stock Bike Slate Blue/Orange
$2079.00    Wiggle US   AD 

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  • Leah Barber

    Hiya Rowdy_Burns, funny you should ask – I was actually concurrently working on a women’s budget mountain bike list when I was researching these bikes and I planned to include the Norco Charger – so defintely worth a test ride. If she doesn’t mind pushing a little extra weight, I’d try a 27.5+ hardtail like the Trek Roscoe 8 (1×11, 120mm Judy, dropper, and 2.8″ tires) or Diamondback Rely 2 27.5+ (similar build). Happy riding!

  • mongwolf

    Thanks Leah for the nice list. I’m taking notes for my daughters-in-law (or as we prefer to say daughters-in-love). My wife is also starting to make some comments of wanting to start riding. So that might mean three bike purchases in the coming year or so. As such, I may buy used to get them all started. It seems the older models of the Ibis Mojo (HD or otherwise) might be good for gals because of the shorter cockpit. Do you have any other favorites from over the years?

    • Leah Barber

      Hi mongwolf, im so happy to hear about all these women in your life getting into mountain biking! thats awesome! used bikes are a great (smart!) way to start, women’s specific bikes will probably be harder to find resale or on ebay though. ive always been a fan of santa cruz, though i did have to do some minor mods to get the reach right. while i have not ridden all the bikes on this list, ive never ridden a bike that has fit me “off the rack” better than my old trek wsd. hopefully you can help them get to some shops/demo days to try a few on for size, “just looking” at shops is part of the fun right? happy shopping!

  • mongwolf

    Thanks to tips Leah. I knew nothing about the Trek wsd. And I have always seemed to gravitate towards Santa Cruz bikes simply because they use a threaded BB. All the gals are fairly short 5’3 – 5’4″. Yes, hopefully, we can have some fun together shopping and test riding. I may try to make the purchases as gifts for birthdays and Christmas together.

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