photo credit: Daniel Loots / Glencoe Mountain / bbc.co.uk

Americans can be forgiven for assuming MacAvalanche is this summer’s ridiculous ice cream mashup from Mickey D’s. In fact it’s the Scottish version of the Mega Avalanche DH race held in the French Alps each year and the first annual MacAvalanche happened earlier this month with about 300 racers.

Racers got off to a LeMans start, running uphill to their bikes perched on top of Meall a’Bhuiridh, a 3,635 foot mountain in Glencoe. At this time of year there’s still snow on the ground which makes tire selection for this downhill race a bit of a head-scratcher.

Trials rider Danny MacAskill, the “Mac” himself, took third place and had this to say about the race:

I had a great day at the No Fuss Macavalanche! There was a great friendly vibe plus the course was awesome :0) 3rd place behind Joe Barnes and Neil Donoghue was a surprise, my conti mountain kings did me proud!

Joe and Hannah Barnes (bro & sis) took first place in their respective categories.

Perhaps the coolest visuals from the race were of helicopters ferrying riders to the top of the course. Helibiking isn’t new but it’s still pretty rare to see, especially in a race like this. Check out the video below to see the chopper ride to the start and a helmet-cam view of the race course.

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