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  • in reply to: Improved my biking! #185168

    Any core workouts and cardio is a plus to biking. When I started working out it made my biking better which made my workout better which made my biking better….

    It works hand in hand if you keep pushing to improve both.

  • in reply to: Favorite music to get pumped to ride? #185167

    I have a biking playlist so there’s no particular music. If I’m going to grind it out on the trail I go with Chevelle. Angry and fast. Great music for mtb.

  • in reply to: New to MTB, access to great trails but no skills. #124949

    Start with the manual. Everything hinges on learning that particular movement. it teaches you how to control the head of your bike. It teaches you how to shift your weight from front to back and it teaches you how to balance your bike during a "violent" movement.
    Bunny Hop starts with a manual.
    Going over a shelf starts with a manual.
    Going up a shelf starts with a manual.
    Jumping anything starts with a manual.
    Pumping a turn starts with a manual.
    All of these maneuvers begin with the basic "load" of the front end and assuming the attack position.
    if you remember your body is the counterweight and suspension of your bike you will learn the rest naturally.

  • in reply to: technique to handle a deep gully #118639

    Can you ride the transition at angle giving you more time to get the shift?
    Shift prep is a skill that sometimes has a horrid curve. After you get tired of pushing your bike up those gullies you`ll eventually figure it out. You might also try stopping at the edge and mentally riding the gully then go back up the trail, turn around and ride it.
    It has worked for me a time or two on techie sections. At least I don’t end up on my back looking at the sky wondering how I got there.

  • in reply to: Hydraulic & mech disc brakes?? #125216

    As I don my asbestos underwear I have a comment directed at the noobs like myself.
    Some components are tricky to maintain and repair on the higher end bikes. That’s is why some noobs get in over their heads when they buy a top level bike right off the bat. There is a rather steep learning curve for both riding as well as bike maintenance and operation. Some LBS will work with you and show you the ropes. Some will simply give you a price and retain their knowledge.
    Hydraulic brakes operate essentially the same as the brakes on your car. If you don’t understand how they work you wont understand how any hydraulic brake works. There are certain procedures that have to be followed. Caliper (de)compression is one of them. I have seen many riders complain about their hydros. I for one don’t need the hassle as of yet. Eventually I will purchase a bike with hydros and will be forced into either liking them or hating them. Until then I will live in blissful ignorance of hydros and enjoy each pull of the brake lever on my mechs.

  • in reply to: From cable disc to hydraulic #125319

    Black Gorilla duct tape wrapped around the seat post comes in so handy for a multitude of things like covering anything annoying or possibly injurious.
    Just saying.

  • in reply to: Howling Avid Elixir XO rear Brake #125343

    I have to agree with Syd.
    A little TLC occasionally on the brakes goes a long way toward making them function like brand new every time you ride. Sandpaper on the pads and fine steel wool on the rotor slicks things up and makes them less noisy. Be careful not to put anything on the pads that will contaminate them. Just make sure to hit the brakes a few times and get them bedded before you take off down the trail.

  • in reply to: New Grips Won’t Fit #125717

    I just bought a pair of those grips last week. They should slide right on. Use the hairspray. It rocks.

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