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  • in reply to: Hello, all. I’m new, so be gentle, lol #113168

    Hey Man great that you are getting back into riding. No one is laughing at you but there is not much gentle about mountain biking so get ready to get whipped into shape if that is your goal. Good luck and have fun!

  • in reply to: Phil Liggett: MTB has no place in the Olympics #111353

    I personally think Badmitten should get all the Olympic coverage it is far more taxing on the body then MTB’ ing.

  • in reply to: Race Rookie Question #110058

    Have fun. I did my first race 2 weeks ago. I wish I did not wait 10 years! Update when you finish the race.

  • in reply to: Entering a race as a novice mountain biker? #109923

    You have plenty of time to get in shape for the race. Ride as much as you can, practice your techniques, enter the race and have fun. You will get the experience of racing and also meet people to ride and train with. Don’t put this race off. I put off entering races for 10 years always with an excuse of not having enough time and I regret that 😢 . I did my first race this month and had a blast 😃 . Also try to find out who else in your area is racing and ride with them if possible. Best of luck. I’m sure as heck not a pro but I hope this advice helps.

  • in reply to: What’s up with all the XC race flavors? #109736

    When I was growing up I just said, "I’m going out to ride my bike." Man have things gotten complex! Seems like some secred code!

  • in reply to: Rolling Resistance #109261

    Claporte I put a post on MTB Assess and Part for some WTB Weirwolf tires. I just put an update with a new front tire if you want to take a look. I am riding now 38psi rear/35 front.

  • in reply to: WTB Weirwolf Race XC 26 x 2.1 Tire Foldable 60 tpi #108717

    This is for Schwim’s knowledge only as he is the only one that replied to my original post 😢

    I thought I would try a VelociRaptor front tire along with the rear Weirwolf. I used the folding version of the VelociRaptor front tire and WOW. I went to Tsali at 730 this morning and rode a little over 30 miles and was very surprised at the additional climbing traction I got with the front tire. The rocky area of the Right Loop and climbing up to the Overlook which is riddled rocks was great with that front tire gripping as it did.

    The rear Weirwolf continues to be a great tire as well but does struggle shedding mud. The trail conditions were great but there were some muddy spots which I intentionally rode thru and that front tire really handled great where the back did slide but I can recover better from a rear tire sliding out than the front. I would highly recommend this combo.

    I did buy a Velociraptor rear tire but will hold off until the wet muddy conditions of the winter. Just looking at it hurts my legs thinking about the rolling resistence.

    I would also like to say that when looking to improve your ride take a serious look at tires and tire pressure. We all seem to know about the best shocks, brakes, shifters but think of it. Tires are the only things that actually touch the trail…until you fall that is.

  • in reply to: Night Riding #109167

    Thanks all I appreciate it!

  • in reply to: WTB Weirwolf Race XC 26 x 2.1 Tire Foldable 60 tpi #108715

    I forgot to add the braking on these tires is great!

  • in reply to: Strength Training Ideas?? #107954

    I can not express this enough regarding mtb strength training. Get your abs in good shape. Don’t neglect them. You will feel an amazing difference while riding! Best of luck.

  • in reply to: Seat bag recommendation #107575


    What seatpost bag did you decide on out of curiosity and how do you like it?

  • in reply to: Clipless or Flats? #107880

    I ride clipless and have ever since my first year riding back in 2005. I climb much better with the clipless then flats. Also I don’t have to worry about my feet slipping off of the pedals. The other day I took a test ride on a friends bike with flats and I did not realize how dependant I was on the clipless. I know people have their opinions and as someone posted above it is a hot topic but it is all a matter of preference. When I am out riding I would never judge anyone’s skills or dedication to the sport based on their equipment. I was actually listening to some jerks in a bike store mocking a felllow rider (behind his back) because he had a rather nice Santa Cruz Nikel with flats. Anyway maybe I can post a question. I have old Shimano M505’s and they have been reliable. The don’t make M505’s anymore but make M520’s which start at $55.00. What is the difference between just say the M520’s and the newer Shimano models that cost $100.00 and up? Is it just weight? When I get my new bike I will need a new set.

  • in reply to: Fork upgrade for talon: how high can I go? (travel) #107627


    OK got that out. I just had a friend who bought a Fox fork online and ended up paying $180.00 to send it to FOX to have it rebuilt 😈 . He could have a bought a newer one for cheaper. Take care of yourself. We like having you on the forum and the trails.

  • in reply to: Seat bag recommendation #107572

    Trek7k…I carry a tube, CO2, multi-tool. I am not sure how big your mini-pump is. I would just bring your stuff to where you are going to buy it (unless you are buying on line of course). I will say I was initially concerned that the clip would not hold on the trails but it has not been a problem. I ride a hard tail and with all the bumps it takes I am still confident enough to put in my cell phone in it without fear of it coming off. I know another post said they lost theirs but like anything on a bike…make sure that screw stays tight. Mine has never loosened up at all. This is also water proof and it cleans relativly easier than I expected. I rode the left loop twice and right loop once at Tsali on Sunday and it was covered in mud and did clean up nice.

  • in reply to: Seat bag recommendation #107564

    Topeak Pro Pack-Small

    This is relativly small but it is durable and I am very happy with it. It is rigid and has never once fallen off. The clip attaches to the rails of the saddle. Screw it on with an allen wrench and the "bag" snaps right on. The larger models have a velcro band to go around the seatpost. You may want to bring your saddle if this product interests you to make sure the attachements will fit. I have a Selle San Marco saddle and it barely fit the rails. If I had to rate this product I would give it a 5 star out of 5 stars and have had it for over 2 years now.

  • in reply to: Riding After Cancer #107489

    Hey amb6708 welcome aboard. I lived in the Raleigh/Durham area for about 13 years. There are lots of trails out there. Think of joining a club (I never did and wish I had). Best of luck and when I head out that way I’ll send you a message and maybe we can ride.

  • in reply to: Is it just me? #107365

    Wow this post went viral! 😆

  • in reply to: Is it just me? #107349

    I agree Scwimm t-shirts are the way to go.

  • in reply to: Bicycle repair book #99136

    I realize this is an older thread but if anyone is interested I found a great book for beginners to low level intermediates. It is called simply enough Mountain Bike Maintenance by Guy Andrews and even a mechanical idiot such as myself can follow through. It is an older book…2006 but still very relevent regarding todays technology.

  • in reply to: Weekly Weigh In #105924

    dgaddis if I lose too much weight…I loose energy for long endurance rides. It is just my body make up I guess. I am only 5’8" and when I go below 170 I just fatigue faster…and I hate that. Thx for the replies everyone.

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