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  • in reply to: Bike Repair / Maintenance Manual #101841

    Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair – Park Tool for around $20. This is a great book which covers everything, mtn and road in case you cross train. The most beneficial part is the endless supply of detailed images and examples. Check it out and best of luck!

  • in reply to: Phone mount #109339

    Make a custom mount, those old reflectors you take off your bike come in handy for other things if you can get creative.

  • in reply to: Lunch Hour Trail Building #102960

    I agree, wish we had some of those systems around here. I often find my self linking up towns using old dirt roads just for fun and its better than tar. Singletracks all around would be a dream come true.

  • in reply to: Fall Rain #102433

    Speaking of fall rain, how about fall snow?!? Barely squeezed a 20 mile ride in on saturday the 29th and got back just before the rain started falling. Woke up sunday morning and we had 14.5 inches of snow on the ground! O well its back to 50 degrees here in nh so im back at it.

  • in reply to: How to determine if derailleur hanger is bent? #102017

    Its pretty much impossible to chech the trueness of the hanger without taking it off. The quickest check is to take it off and lay it on a piece of glass (table top). Flip it over and check both sides at eyelevel, if you see light coming from underneath its bent. And yes if its SLIGHTLY bent you can flatten it back out in a clean vice very slowly and patiently. But beware if you do bend it back it is weaker now and will most likely crack or break next time it gets whacked.

  • in reply to: Made in America! #101419
    "dgaddis" wrote

    [quote="tjc58":1p26iay1]Independent Fabrication (NH), 90% of Cannondale, Ellsworth, Kona (Main headquarters in U.S.A.)

    Kona and Cannondales are both made in Asia. Some of C’dale’s highest end frames might be made in the US, but certainly not 90%[/quote:1p26iay1]

    OUCH! Thats what I get for 5 minutes of google searching. Thanks wiki…haha

  • in reply to: Made in America! #101388

    Independent Fabrication (NH), 90% of Cannondale, Ellsworth, Kona (Main headquarters in U.S.A.)

  • in reply to: attaching metal bar to front of pick up bed #101210

    Made one of these for my truck and then two more upon the request of friends. Light, removable, and you can leave the wheel on! … keRack.htm

  • in reply to: Disc Brake Friction Under Stress #101318

    I would first check to make sure your fron axle is tight, along with the bolts that hold the rotor on. Sounds like something is loose in that area. One time I had that happeni to me and I stopped to check it out, my quick release wasn’t tight enough. Thats what happens when your too eager to ride

  • in reply to: Pet Peeves of the Trail #101236

    Horse Poop! Always in a big pile, never in a bag, and always on a turn! Come on people.

  • in reply to: Ever drive into garage with bikes on roof rack? #101185

    Not a home garage but my wive did drive into a parking structure with my bike on top, I guess the "low clearence bar" was higher than the parking garage beams because the bike hit concrete but not that bar before it. Anyway my bike was fine not even a scratch, but the roof rack turned into a crippled V shape. Just to add in, my bike was stolen about a month later wich got me a nice upgrade. I think it was a sign

  • in reply to: Felt bikes #100933

    Glad to see this post! I ride a Felt Q520 and i love the thing. Very rugged and I like the frame geometry, feels like I just get on and am naturally comfortable. As stated, the brakes could use an upgrade but that is the only thing. I know a lot of people who ride FELT road bikes but I think the mountain bikes they make deserve more credit, I say get out there and test ride one

  • in reply to: Wildlife? #100167

    I was coming over the top of a hill next to a marsh when I saw this large stick ahead of me. At about 4 feet away I realized that stick had a hoove on one end and a bone on the other! Turned out to be a deer’s leg that had been ripped out around the hip area (still pretty fresh too from the color of the blood, poor deer)… Needless to say I got out of there fast and kept my ears wide open the rest of the ride. Freaked me out big time!

  • in reply to: Warm-up or just hit it? #99348

    Im 21 and I just use the early sections of a trail as a warm up. But I do agree with doing a nice set of stretches after my ride, seems to complete the whole thing kinda like that chime at the end of yoga (if you’ve ever done yoga). But yeah as long as your awake and alert, just hit it

  • in reply to: 9spd chain on an 8spd? #98768

    sounds good to me, Thanks!

  • in reply to: Mountain Bike Adrenaline game #83766

    I would go with downhill domination for the ps2 if you can find it, much more fun!

  • in reply to: Trail Use #96919

    Thanks for the inputs, I will check into it with the maintainers.

  • in reply to: Sunglass Lenses #96842

    I actually spent some time working at LensCrafters a few years ago and by doing so learned a lot about optics. My advice is to go polarized no matter what brand you get. There is no gimick here the clarity will make a huge difference for you on the trails or road and allow you to see the details more. The basic idea is that a polarized lens will let the light pass through in stead of just bounce off of your lens. This will greatly reduce glare. I prefer brown tint because it increases contrast, and if you do any skiing you can wear them in the winter too. If you dont need them to be prescription you can get a nice pair for under $100 anywear but be aware of knock-offs. Id stick to EMS, Sunglass Hut, REI, or your LBS if they carry them. Bring your helmet to make sure they will fit good!

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