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  • in reply to: How do you handle cycling withdrawal? #255455

    Get yourself a Fat-Bike, slap on some fenders and studded tires and enjoy that mess. Beats a gym any day.  Put some beers in the frame bag and make it a day.

  • in reply to: What's with the new boom box trend? #240474

    I live in Anchorage, AK and ride with a blue tooth speaker on almost every ride.  The main reason is to let wildlife know I’m coming.  700 pound brown bears and 800 pound moose are in the municipality every day, of course the bears aren’t an issue in winter.  I carry bear spray when the bears are awake.  Mountain biking in bear country is a dangerous proposition. We move fast and make little noise, great way to get mauled by a bear or stomped by a moose.  I keep my volume low and have a sanitized play list, no “F” bombs allowed.  It’s better than listening to a bell ringing for hours.  I dont care for high volume music on the trail, totally agree it’s annoying.  I can always make conversation without turning my volume down.  Animals hear way better than us, you dont have to blast the music.  For me it’s all about safety.  On overnight bikepacking trips I use bells.  I have kicked up plenty of moose and a few bears without getting charged, they generally move off if they hear you coming.  The worst thing you can do is surprise a bear or moose and put them in a defensive mode.  It’s not what you ride or how you ride that matters.  The fact we ride is what matters.  Different regions require different tactics to stay safe.  Doesn’t mean you have to be an A-hole blaring offensive music when passing others, especially children.

  • in reply to: Keeping my Bike Clean in Winter #205737

    I’d recommend rinsing it well in your shower.  I live in Alaska,  using the hose in my yard is not an option.  I primarily ride trails only and transport in my truck bed and I have a canopy so road salt doesn’t get on my bike often.  I do beach rides year round though and always rinse very well afterwards.

  • in reply to: Fatbike in snow…again…getting stuck #205400

    Fat bikes rock in fresh snow up to about 2 or 3 inches. Anymore than that get ready to push. When we get a good amount of fresh snow I  break out my touring skis to pack my trails. I live in Anchorage, AK si lots of fat bikers. Our main trails get packed out quickly.

  • in reply to: Fat biking year round??? #203195

    I live in Alaska and ride my fat bike year round. I also have a full suspension 29er.  It’s nice having both. If I was going with just one I’d take the fatty and have a 27.5 plus wheel set for summer. The fat bike is great for bike packing and the most fun I’ve had on snow.  I ride a 5″ studded Dillinger in winter and a 4″ Husker Du in summer.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)