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  • in reply to: What do you think — does skidding destroy the trail? #227092

    While I don’t promote skidding and avoid it as much as possible, sometimes it happens. Jump on YouTube or any bike company promotional vids and it has these dudes blowing out berms, throwing roost and usually in super slow-mo to make it that more obvious……..just sayin.


  • in reply to: 1x Drivetrain #180417

    Are you using all or most of the gears now??? I converted to a 1×9 and found it to be fine for me. Maybe you should try that first instead of taking the plunge (expense) for the 1×11. I run a 32 up front and a 12/36 cassette out back and can climb anything here local. I found myself never using anything other than my middle chainring. My drivetrain was shot and needing replaced so I thought I would give the 1x a try since I was needing to swap it out anyway. I am using a short cage derailleur, MRP chain guide and a N/W chainring. You pretty much have to run a chain guide since you can’t buy a 9 speed rear derailleur with a clutch to keep your chain from flying off. I had about the same money tied up in this setup as I would just replacing the 3×9 stuff. I’m happy and would never consider going back.

  • in reply to: How to find other local riders? #179837

    Stop by the LBS to see if they have any group rides posted up on the board with specific times and locations. Try looking at your local trailheads. Often times there will be postings of group rides or trail work days posted on a billboard or kiosk.

  • in reply to: Night riding, how often and why? #179836

    I ride at night for one reason………..because of day light WASTING time. I would much rather NOT ride at night but am forced to. I typically ride one evening a week and enjoy a long ride on the weekends light free.

  • in reply to: Deer and Turkeys #176854

    Well ……you are playing in there territory. I have had a few close calls with deer in the fall of the year on and off the trail. It’s that time of year bro!!

  • It reminds me of the goons throwing tacks out on the road in the Tour de France a few years back. What motive do these people have??

  • in reply to: Please give back to the trails you ride!! #126523

    Schwim, thanks for your comment and like you I try and clear everything that is "sawable" while I’m out on a ride weather I am on my local trail or riding somewhere else. I use a foldable saw and go through a blade or two myself. maybe I should have been more specific and in greater detail. We are constructing a 3 plus mile addition to complete a loop that would give riders more options while riding that side of the park. We have posted many notices encouraging people to come out and help get this done prior to a race we are hosting early spring. I guess we were optimistic in thinking we could get this done. I am not implying that no one that rides the trails doesn’t pick up a branch or kick a limb off the trail. I’m not looking for a pat on the back, just trying to get people to stop and think that the trails don’t build/ mend themselves. Someone gotta do it.

  • in reply to: Trek Marlin 7 seat #126571

    Try cutting off the seatpost or if your not comfortable doing so, purchase a shorter one. Did you buy it from a bike shop?? They should be able to assist you in the proper seat height adjustment.

  • in reply to: Dog crap on the trail #126561

    try riding a multiuser trail system that allows horses 😄

  • in reply to: It’s Broken… #126532

    Do tell…….was it bike related???

  • in reply to: Newish to MTB #126489

    It is what it is. An entry level bike. I am unaware of the specs on the marlin, does it have an air or a spring fork?? If it is a spring fork, by upgrading to a lighter, better performing air fork would be a huge bonus. a nice, lightweight wheel set would be on the top of the list as well. Upgrading to lighter components means $$$. I would have to stop and think about just buying a complete bike if you could swing it. There are shops that may still have some 2014 models they need to move. Just the two upgrades I mentioned would be over 1K. Something to think about……………good luck.

  • in reply to: First "Real" Bike #126477

    if you think it rides better now, wait till you hit the singletrack!!! I can remember when I jumped from a spring fork to an air fork. Wow, it smoothed the trail for sure. The overall performance of the bike due to the weight savings was huge. Go enjoy the trails. Nice bike by the way

  • in reply to: Rotor Compatibility between different brand brakes #126459

    I’m pretty sure it should work. Like you, I know shimano will work with avid rotors. As long as you have the right caliper mounts, should work. I have gotten away with using avid adapters on shimano with a little shimming. The bb7 are quality mech brakes. Good luck

  • in reply to: I phone mounting opinions #126446

    Exactly my thoughts Jeff. I think it would clutter the cockpit and may even be a distraction at times. Just wanted to hear from others on this. I know some of those dedicated bar mounts aren’t cheap. I have looked at a water resistant neoprene case that uses velco to attach to your shoulder strap. I may try one. Thank you

  • in reply to: light-bicycle wheels #126438

    How cheap is cheap?? Coming from Asia, the S&H might be a factor as well. What kind of bad press are they getting?? Is it a wheel true / quality build or is it catastrophic failure???

  • in reply to: Try and talk me into staying with mountain biking #126393

    Not to discourage you but normally riding with faster riders will make you faster. You need to push yourself, I mean really push yourself. Don’t settle for granny gear. It may completely drain you but you will get faster in time. Stay out of granny as much as possible and keep your momentum going. Like others have stated, speed and momentum will help you get over those obstacles on the trail. Once your able to keep your momentum and get your confidence back unweight the front wheel by rocking your heels back and that will help plant the rear wheel down and you’ll be shredding singletrack in no time. keep pushing yourself. But most importantly, have fun and be safe

  • in reply to: Leaf Shredz #126161

    I’m running 32 x 20 for the hills here in WV. I wish I had a 22 for some of them but the 20 seems to be about right. I have managed a 24 mile ride on the SS earlier this year. Can’t imagine 42!! But I saw the mileage you throw down (1700) nice!!!!! I truly love my SS. Fall is the best time for sure, just doesn’t last long enough. Great pics!!!

  • in reply to: Leaf Shredz #126159

    That is an awesome day on the ol’ SS !!!! What gearing you running?? I hate the pavement rides between trailheads. Its easy to get dropped for sure.

  • in reply to: New to Mountain biking and the Forum #126336

    It’s hard to compete with youth!! Just be patient, your endurance will improve quickly if you stay with it. I ride with a few ex-motocross guys that are extremely competitive. They started racing xc a few years back and are doing well here locally. Just enjoy the time with your son.

  • in reply to: Newbie at 52 #126234

    Welcome……….. It doesn’t take long to get hooked. I think you will find that it will become less of a "hobby" and more of a passion. I am soon to be 43 and I am one of the younger ones in one of my riding groups. Most are mid 50’s with a few in there upper 60’s. I ride with another group of guys that I am one of the oldest. That’s the beauty of our sport, young and old and everywhere in between, there is fun to be had regardless of age. Enjoy, your new found soon to be "passion" !!

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