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  • in reply to: Mountain biking goals for 2013 #115033

    1. More climbing. ( it hurts less when I fall)
    2. Keeping my wheels pointing down. ( back to reason number one)
    3. Ride Sedona.
    4. More fun not miles.
    5. Stay off trails that have names like. Car wreck, dreaded, mentally sensitive.

    I spent more time injured this year than riding. The shoulder will never be the same and I’m just to old and don’t have enough time left in life to sit on the side lines and watch everyone else having fun….

  • in reply to: What kind of bike(s) are you currently riding off-road? #105247

    Santa Cruz Nomad C and Trek Superfly Elite. Love both bikes but ride the Nomad most of the time.

  • in reply to: My one day career as an involuntary roadie #122550

    Great story. I did the same thing but in the back of the truck. I did have my cell phone called the wife. Fortunately for me a guy pulled up that had a collection of hangers that worked quite well. I had my dought that my wife would be able to even find me. If it was the mall it would be no problem.

  • in reply to: Best decision in years one happy newbie #122484

    Great decision. I am 52 years old and most people don’t believe me. It’s because I’ve always taking good care of myself. I also have a couple bad disk in the back. I started mountain biking about three years ago because of my love for the outdoors. I would have to say I got hooked. No longer does my back bother me and I am in probably the best shape of my life. I was racing outrigger canoes for about ten years and my back could not take it anymore. I do love the feeling the next day after a good long ride. Yesterday I met a guy the is 67 and he looked great he told me he rides twice a week then runs twice a week.. I want to be that guy still out getting after it. I don’t want to be just resting in a rocking chair waiting for death to come get me I would rather go meet the gream reaper on the trail. So you get on living life or just sit around waiting on death it’s your choice I choose living life.

  • in reply to: Shock question #121281

    Well I got the new shock and yes it does help on climbing. Locks out pretty good

  • in reply to: Help with first MTB build #122220

    The clearance room at the path is a great place to start

  • in reply to: clipless lol #121199

    I remember the first time. Fell just sitting on the bike.

  • in reply to: What I did to pass the time while injured. #122304

    Yes and a little help from the wife and a lot of pain

  • in reply to: its getting cold ? #122278

    After driving my daughter from SoCal to yellowstone last spring I’ve come to the conclusion that the further north you go the people are much tougher.

  • in reply to: its getting cold ? #122275

    Southern California should fix that.

  • in reply to: Newbie here #121726

    Welcome. I’m sort of new myself maybe three years. I love it.

  • in reply to: Colorado Trail Race – GO NEIL! #121081

    Looks like your ready to spend the night.

  • in reply to: My father day crash video. Hope it works #120602

    Well it’s been several weeks since I crashed was healing well took two weeks off then crashed again not as bad. I have made an executive decision to slow the hell down.

  • in reply to: "Grab the shotguns Junior!" #121527

    If someone in my area had that on there bike swat would show up

  • in reply to: Another crash before the last one healed #120589

    Oh so I managed to stay off the bike for two weeks now. I think I need to see the doctor for not riding. Anyway still did my race two weeks ago and ready to roll Saturday.

  • in reply to: The best defense against a cougar… #121098

    Or just run strait thru a crowd of of old people and children

  • in reply to: Getting Back on Singletrack #120933

    Nothing like the rush of hauling ass down hill after a hard climb.

  • in reply to: Craziest thing on a trail yet #121011

    I pack toilet paper just in case on long rides. But I would probably hide a little better.

  • in reply to: My father day crash video. Hope it works #120592
  • in reply to: How frequently should I tune-up? #94467

    I think that you can probably u tube most of the things that you should check before you ride. Adjusting your brakes and shifting is really easy. Save the harder things for your Local bike shop if your not comfortable. For me I want my bike perfect I don’t like walking back to the car.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 77 total)