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  • in reply to: Bikerumor – SHORT DOCUMENTARY ON THE PUSH FOR 650B WHEELS #112563
    "Jared13" wrote

    fleetwood wrote:
    I roll 26. Tubed. I do everything wrong.

    29ers and 650b’s are a fad, people! Just like the iPhone and the internet. Now stop speculating and get out and ride that 26er. If you are riding any other size, you are just confused. But as long as you are riding, we will let it slide.

    Syndicate. Represent.



  • in reply to: Lance Amstrong #112070

    great article dgaddis, thx for the link. looks like that books going on my wishlist.

    i’ve suspected for a long time lance was doping. about a year ago there was a lengthy article in runnersworld reguarding the underworld use of EPO. They went into detail about how for the most part, the drug testing was a joke. runners drug intake could easily be monitored and regulated so that they’d be clean when it came time to test. the most surprising thing to me though was how normal it was for runners to use it. just about everyone did it. if it could be so pervasive in the running community it didn’t seem like too far of a stretch for it to be in the biking community also.

  • in reply to: Why electric bikes could be the next mountain biking #112255

    the only time the word "mountain" appears in that entire article is in the title.

    as for me, i would buy one but the technology would have to improve. it’s not like it could ever replace a REAL mtb though. mtb’ing would become much more popular if there were good electric mtb’s. i’m sure there would be pros and cons to that but i’d imagine that trail quality/quantity could only benefit.

  • in reply to: East Coast Trip Ideas #111131

    Alright I will, thanks for the heads up.

  • in reply to: Heli Mountain Biking – Comming Soon #110832

    i’m with greg, 2.5k doesn’t sound like it’d be worth the $ for a heli ride if it’s just straight down. i’d be willing to pay $100-200 for a 2-3 hour ride but if it’s a pay per lift kind of thing, it’d probably be a one time thing.

  • in reply to: Buying Advice first "real" bike #110364

    If you don’t NEED full suspension i would also recommend going with the Scale. It’s all going to depend on [i:1etu2bmr]where[/i:1etu2bmr] and [i:1etu2bmr]how often[/i:1etu2bmr] you’re riding.

  • in reply to: Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face #103764

    ha ha freakin’ awesome. he’s almost better then some guys i’ve ridden with who were 8x his age.

  • in reply to: Made in America! #101415

    BB-Phil Wood
    Spokes-Phil Wood
    Hubs-Phil Wood

    tires might be the most difficult, guy at a lbs told me once they don’t make ANY bike tires in the US, don’t know how reliable "random-guy-at-out-of-town-lbs" is.

  • in reply to: Made in America! #101405

    ha ha alright i look fwd to it. i actually really like yeti and am currently doing my best to come up with a reason to justify buying a 575 even though i already have a perfectly good bike.

  • in reply to: Just did my first race #101463

    damn man, that sounds pretty rough. were they all adults?! oh well let that anger fuel your training for the next one 😼 !

  • in reply to: Made in America! #101403

    1st hit – mtbr review of 575?

    2nd hit – website ,written in comic sans 😏 , that is [i:1pii642f]mostly[/i:1pii642f] detailing yeti’s that are pre 05′ and none older than 08′

    3rd hit – dirt rag (which is pretty reputable) review of AS-R WITH A NOTE AT THE BOTTOM THAT SAYS "NOTE: NOT ALL YETI FRAMES ARE MADE IN THE USA MOST ARE MADE IN TAIWAN"

    ha ha i’m not trying to pick a fight madd (just saying in case you thought i was)

  • in reply to: Made in America! #101401
    "maddslacker" wrote

    ALL alloy Yeti’s are welded in Taiwan

    "maddslacker" wrote

    in Taiwan

    "maddslacker" wrote

    in Taiwan

    "maddslacker" wrote

    in Taiwan

    "limetownjack" wrote

    since i found it in a google search it must be correct so nobody can argue against it… nobody…


  • in reply to: Made in America! #101399
    "maddslacker" wrote

    Carbon Yetis are still made in Golden, CO.

    alright so just 80% are made in taiwan. i did a quick google search and found that just the 303 and ASR (i know they make an ASR carbon, don’t know about the 303 or any of the others) are made in good o’l US of A and since i found it in a google search it must be correct so nobody can argue against it… nobody…

  • in reply to: Made in America! #101396

    i was going to say yeti because i thought they were made in someones garage in co, but aparently 90% of them are also now made in a sweatshop in taiwan. if anyone ever takes out taiwan this whole country will totally be screwed.

  • in reply to: Decreasing time #101133

    if you’re really commited to improving your time try running/jogging ("believe it’s a soft "j" pronounced yogging" – ???) 30-45 min (if all you can do is 20, no biggie) 3-4 times a week and not at a fast pace neccesarily but slow enough to where you could carry on a conversation. just a couple weeks of that and you’ll be blown away at how much your cardio will improve out on the trail. i run 4x a week and once a week hit the legs at the gym for strength training and have noticed a HUGE improvement on the trail and now, routinely, leave all my riding buddies in the dust 😀

  • in reply to: Pet Peeves of the Trail #101252
    "brianW" wrote

    -litterers ( 😕 is that a word? people who litter)

    actually the word for that is *$$hole. they look like ( I )[/quote:196ajw6h]

    agreed, literererers obviously have never heard the expression, "don’t sh*#t where you sleep"

  • in reply to: trek fuel #101107
    "Fitch" wrote

    I thought you had the ProPedal that most (I thought all?) Trek Fuels came with

    yeah maybe i’m wrong but i don’t think the fuel ex line had pro pedal until it went to the fox rp2 shock. not 100% what year that was but mine still has the rock shox mc. i’m not even 100% on what year model mine is, guy i bought it from didn’t know and left for alaska before i could get the manual. just guessing but prob somewhere between 08′-06′.

  • in reply to: trek fuel #101105
    "fat_billy" wrote

    Put it in Pro-pedal and leave it till big down hill. 😄 Later,

    ah, if only mine had pro pedal. no worries though, keeping the floodgate 3/4 closed works fine for me about 80% of the time. the other 20%, i either take the 30 seconds to dismount and adjust it or just suck it up and plow through it (usually the later). majority of what i ride could be ridden on a ht and for the most part fs is just a luxury. in the end though, reguardless of my very minor suspension gripes, the fuel ex 6 has still made this rider atleast, very happy 😃

  • in reply to: trek fuel #101103

    i have a floodgate dial and a rebound dial, that’s it. when i close the floodgate it’s the same as locking it out but from full open to full close it’s about 15-20 rotations. also i’m 5′ 10 and my bike is a 16" frame which is a little small (bought it used) so i ride with my seat a little higher than normal which makes reaching for the fg dial while seated a little awkward because i don’t have orangutan arms 😐

  • in reply to: trek fuel #101101
    "maddslacker" wrote

    Why do you have to dismount? On mine I just flip the lockout lever.

    mine doesn’t have a simple lockout lever (wish it did), you have to turn a dial on the top of the shock…about a million times.

    "Fitch" wrote

    If you’re clipped in, just pull up your rear end for a moment.

    😕 maybe im understanding you wrong, but the shock’s still going to compress when you sit back down right?

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