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    I just sent out emails to a bunch of different people listed in articles posted above and the SaveApex email address listed above, and HIGHLY encourage others to do so as well. I’ve only ridden the trail a couple times, but this is bigger than just Apex – if this goes through, it’s only a matter of time until all of our trails are restricted. Even if you’ve never ridden Apex, it is a worthy cause to send out an email for all trails in JeffCo, not to mention Boulder County and others in the area. Please take a quick minute and send an email to the SaveApex address posted in this thread. In doing so, you’ll be helping mountain bikers throughout the county, state, and country

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    i couldnt tell you from a biking experience, but i tore up my ACL playing football a bunch of years ago, and i would be pretty wary of clipping in, namely for that twisting motion – that’s where your knee is the most vulnerable, and that early after surgery might put a lot of stress on that new ACL that it might not be able to handle quite yet.

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    good deal, thanks for the tips. ridden cutler park a lot, not huge on it cause its so small. done blue hills and had a good time, and it sounds like viet-nam is unreal, actually heard that from a few people now, so i’ll be sure to make it there. also need to do gilbert hills (or something along those lines) in foxborough, i’ve heard thats pretty ridiculous too

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)