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    Low and slow. Take a break or as many as it takes then work on eliminating the breaks one at a time.Once you can do the climb straight through move up a gear and go as far as you can before dropping back. Before you know it you will be  climbing hills you couldn’t do but be three gears higher. Cardio ,leg strength, technique and time will get it done.

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    Wow, those are great stories with no harm done. What a chuckle I had from them, just good stuff. Left my phone on my car roof after a really good ride and eventually it was found but it took a day and a half. Least It didnt prevent me from having a really good ride!

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    My bike came with a no name dropper and has been used to death with no troubles(knock on wood). I’ll have to say  though if i didnt have a dropper  i’m  not sure now that i would spend the money on one. Are they nice, yes, do you need one ,no. I do think it adds to the distraction of learning or perfecting your skills. I like to keep it simple and tires are first then bars, seat and pedals. If you set up those four components with good quality stuff and correct fit you wont ever miss a dropper.

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    I always wear a helmet. Took one ride in some heavy rocks and spooked me good.I recently fell doing some trials type riding on a serious rock path at 0      mph. Nearly snapped my wrist ,skinned up shin, blood all over  but without a helmet could have been knocked unconscious with know one to find for knows how long. We grow rocks here in eastern PA. Gotta protect the cells that do work lol

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    Wow rmap01 didnt see the thread. Glad and not so glad to see that other mountain bikers are not just enjoying themselves to the fullest riding their mountain bike lol. Ill have to say something as simple and easy as common curtesy is not that easy or simple to some.Guess there is always people that are gonna take something or everything of  pleasure to the negative side no matter. I’m out riding to cure the evils that lurk inside of me and then some bonehead wants to bring them back out lol. Most of the time people are decent but if they are not, whats their purpose i ask? Stay away from those of us who love the sport no matter of weather, bike problems, injury,all the mishaps that can tear down a person thats not there for the love of riding trails of all kinds. Its not a job you hate but a sport to love and  grow on constantly and learn and make friendships and so on and so on. Quite possibly might have saved my life more than once so im very grateful to ride and use that thought towards the respect of others and the trails and the wildlife. Even e-bikers lol

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    I did see a older women on a e-bike yesterday on a rail trail and I’ll have to say I took a step back.  She was just cruising along with what I would guess her daughter and grand kids and just enjoying the ride at the same pace everyone else was. Guess if ya look it in a positive perspective  and not with your head in the sand it’ll be just fine. I know my wife gripes about the slightest hill and if she had a button to push ,well she would ride more. Then again if she would just give her legs 20mins to warm up and understand its good for your health she would feel some sense of fitness after just a few 10mile rides also and she is starting to see that. But I get its  not all about fitness for some and just getting out for a ride is enough. Yesterday opened that up to me. Still wanna take my buddy and his e-bike on a couple of hours of killer climbs just to make him pedal that lead sled back home crying all the way about how it sucks not having any battery left. He’s way to young for pedal assist and my old a.. just wants to prove it.

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    Well, the bike showed up and needless to say I have no interest in it at this point. Didn’t even go check it out and heres my b…h. Of course I  was notified the bike showed and a pic and all that but when he said he took it down the rail trail me and the wife ride sometimes and 30mph down and 25mph back kinda irked me.  Around 12 miles  down and back. Let me just say on average we ride around 7 to 10 mph having fun so thats three times the speed of a recreational biker. I have a problem with that and like i said wheres the first trails you’ll see them, rail trails. Needless to say we wont be biking together I would think, but maybe and if we do it  will be on terrain he’s gonna be uncomfortable with for sure. I might add that he is 38 and me well I’m old and grumpy and broken but I’ll still put it together and ride with the kids on all types of terrain. Maybe by the time e-bikes are excepted on trails I might be a little more receptive.

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    Check out tyre invader

  • in reply to: I guess I am alright with not going (that) fast #262641

    Well whats the definition of not going that fast i ask. Most of my enjoyable riding has been on average of under 4mph. Slow climbs technical sections and just easy flow trails. Was telling the wife how i just did this steep climb and missed a  stroke at the top and said well good time for a swig and a bite. Next thing ya know a woman came hiking by and was in running gear but walking, as this was pretty steep terrain. Well i said to myself ,self, theres a good chance she a runner so get moving and off i started. sure enough i got around her but it wasnt the end and somehow i knew she was gonna start running soon. Sure enough she did and at 4mph climbing ,a runner will catch you but i turned it up knowing the downhill was shortly to come. So almost got passed by a hiker on a climb so i hope that makes ya feel a little better. The downhill that came was sure to run off on most and never saw her after that. Didn’t bother me that i almost  had gottin jogged by, it just made me see it didn’t matter, we were both there on a good climb for the same end result.

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    Had to respond on this one. I pick up sticks and twigs all the time. Its just crazy when ya square up a stick on the ride and it gets caught in the the drivetrain or spokes . Cant tell you how many times this has happened. In the  beginning  it was frustrating now i just stop and take care of  it so no damage done. The 1×12 can be a little tricky on set up I’ve noticed but once the cables are broken in and adjustment is good you should be trouble free. One reason i dropped a couple teeth on chainring is so i could use the middle of the cassette so chain alignment wasn’t so offset. It helped quite a bit

  • in reply to: Hard Tail with Dropper, help! #262628

    Marins are on my radar for a full sus bike. I don’t wanna put to much into the roscoe although I have done a little. Dropped to a  wolf 28 chainring, also had the bontrager rapid drive hub laced up with the tighter engagement for the killer climbs. Was it necessary, not really but I love the upgrade. Also put new odi grips on and dety composite flat pedals. Still on tubes and not sold on tubeless. Just did bottom end service on judys and had some 20wt fork oil around from dirtbikes instead of the 15wt they call for.  Very nice improvement, took the cheaper feel out of the  fork and is much more aggressive. Other than that its a great bike and I’m always pumped to ride it wether its easy or hard, the bike is just all around fun.Most better quality bikes  good are good and its just a matter of components that make a difference. A lot of people bash trek for way more than I need to know but they do a pretty good job of making a excellent ride at a fair price. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the roscoe, I know I look forward to riding mine every chance i get.

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    I’m on a roscoe 8, which is more than you wanna spend and if you can get a Kona with dropper and decent front fork for under a G thats a awesome deal. As for the hardtail I love mine coming from a bmx background. 27.5 plus tires are like suspension in itself, as for is it for you, well best bet is to test ride one. No doubt full suspension bikes are super sweet but i feel ya need to get into the 3 grand area for it to be worth doing. I had a budget when I was buying and feel the roscoe8 fit the needs I was looking for. Hardtails are definitely a bike that requires you to pay attention to more when your riding.They buck harder deflect harder so depending on the trails you ride you might be disappointed if you dont test ride one before the buy. Personally its the best all rounder I feel with the plus tires,dropper and somewhat decent fork . One pinch flat so far after months of riding and it was on some heavy PA rock trails and was probably running to low of pressure. I would love a nice full squisher but for the amount sharps rocks i ride it wouldn’t pay to spend the kind of money ya need to to get something nice. You might be pleasantly surprised with a  decent hardtail.

  • in reply to: e-bikes #262364

    Well said, my buds e-bike should be showing up any day and I’m dying to try it out. Guess for some biking is about the fitness , some its transportation and a lot of people are in it for fun. I’ll report back about the beast as soon as it shows up.I know he is super excited to get it and since he wouldn’t ride his old cannondale with me it looks like he will ride the e-bike with me.

  • in reply to: e-bikes #262302

    I hope your right about keeping e-bikes under control. If they dont get any faster that would keep the safety better also. I dont know about others but crashing a bicycle is much worse than crashing a dirtbike from what I’ve experienced.Something about a dirtbike where the crash happens slower as to a bicycle you just get power slammed to the ground. Maybe the weight? Anyhow wouldnt want to see inexperienced people or senoirs or disabled gettin power slammed at higher than normal mtb speeds but ya know enthusiast are gonna tweak these bikes to outdo their buddies, its inevitable. Electric is the next transportation movement in all aspects and aftermarket is at its heels.

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    Well I’m glad to see we are getting along on topic:( but heres another kicker for the motor huggers. If you think the e-bikes technology is good well hello its gonna get alot better.My buds neighbor has been rebuilding and upgrading used e-bikes and guy was saying he have one that will hit 45mph.That said you dont think the manufactures arent  gonna do the same or close? They are  gonna trim the weight ,off boost the power reduce the battery size and they’ll have full nasty e-power on the exact same beast  as without power. Now is it ok because I doubt seniors or disabled are gonna be on these racers. The question will be then and will be soon is how do ya feel about a mountain bike rippin mtb trails that’ll move like a kx65 and look like a regular mtb? They will be cool no doubt and dudes are gonna buy them but there are gonna be some upset hikers and hard core mtb riders.Its gonna get very interesting what regulations  that will come. Anybody play around with RC cars? Crazy technology and will be the same with e-bikes. All the aftermarket stuff to make them fast, might be a good stock to get in on but they are loosing the concept. Buy a ktm freeride electric dirtbike are my thoughts otherwise get pedaling.

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    It certainly will be interesting in the future with e-bikes. Its just gonna complicate a already fragile area of biking. As for the price it was just under 2000. Not nearly enough to be on any kind of real mtb trail. I would guess the first trail you’ll see them is on rail trails and I don’t want to see them there either.

  • in reply to: Your best crash story #260969

    Reality check, all true mountain bikers possess a over the bars club card im pretty sure

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    Ive  been rippin 2019 roscoe8. Besides nothing its a great bike that most cant outride. Dropper, airfork,2.8 tires thing has been a great climber and with correct air pressure can bomb the downhill rockys.

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