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    I was riding a trail that is designated hiking only on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I will not say the mile marker. It is sweet… Ride on the nasty days, you will avoid the hikers and the Federal PoPo. This area is all about where to go…call us!

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    I am sorry a better way to say it is I don’t want ink.

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    Scars are tattoos… I don’t need ink.

  • in reply to: Mountain Bike in April in the mid-south east ? #74244

    Dark Mountain… 30 minutes off the interstate!

    I live in Banner Elk at 4200ft, I manage a ski shop and lately April has been getting warmer and warmer, (killing the ski industry in the Southeast). In the mountains where I am we will always get snow in April, not anything really, just enough to cover the grass. The past five years I have won a bet with my friends that it will snow on my birthday, April 14th. However that is in the high mountains of NC 4,000+ ft.

    An easy shot for you Dark Mountain.
    Easy to get to… I 81S to I 77S to 421N. At Wilkesboro follow signs for Kerr Scott Dam and Resevoir. Ranked 31 in the world right now…not too bad. This would be an easy place.

    Of course you should also check out Tsali which has much more terrain to cover, but not a straight shot like Dark Mountain. Dark Mountain weather is perfect in April. Make sure Dark Mountain is on the way of wherever you decide to go. Check the reviews. Have fun.

    Send me a mesage if you have any questions about the location… or the amazing backpacking, camping, canoeing, climbing, kayaking, and unsurpassed road routes.

  • in reply to: New PA Rider or should I say new to PA??? #73929

    I am currently visiting my folks about 5 miles from Morgantown. You should have no problem finding the French Creek area. All you have to do to get there is take Route 10 out of Morgantown heading to Green Hills or Reading. There are actually signs on Route 10 that will show you the way. I take some windy ass backroads from where I am staying, but have seen the French Creek signs on the side of Route 10.

    I have also seen a trail marked the THUN trail. This may be what the previous post was referrring to because it is a rail to trail and looked flat and long. I saw it driving back from Reading one day.

    I used to Ski at Blue Marsh when I was a kid, but have never ridden there. It should be easy to get to (we went at least once a week during the winter about 20 yrs ago)

    Dont go too hard at French Creek, my parents said they are removing the disc golf course because of the environmental impact. Crazy sounding, I know, but we don’t want them to get any ideas about bikes!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)