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  • in reply to: Hard-Tails or Full Suspension? #192346

    I added tubeless and decent tires to my 29er hard tail, that gave me plenty of cush to tear up trails that don’t have super technical downhills.  I’ve found that I’m riding that almost exclusively now and saving my full suspension bike for the bike parks and long downhill rides like Downieville.  If I was racing I’d personally go hardtail for the lightness and power transfer of the bike.

  • in reply to: how do i know if my bike is right for what I'm doing #192344

    I appreciate all the comments about this bike will let you ride, it will, but that is an older rig with a rigid fork and v-brakes, right?  If you want something new, you can pick up a 29er hardtail for under $1k that will immediately help you bring it up a notch.  The addition of disk brakes and an air fork, plus making it tubeless with decent tires makes a world of difference! Yeah, you don’t have to be the fastest out there, but using modern equipment is not a bad thing!

  • in reply to: Help needed with getting started! #192343

    I still like my camelbak, You pay a bit extra but they really last.  I’ve had mine for 10+ years and it’s still in great shape.  Just have to replace the bladder every so often.

  • in reply to: VIDEO: Can a Wal-Mart bike survive a downhill course? #191872

    That was a fun video!  I was thinking the section through the trees looked sketchy as hell!  It was great (probably not for him!) when he hit that first jump and took the tumble!  I saw a guy try to ride a Huffy like that at Northstar, he didn’t even make it through one decent before the bike broke and had to catch the lift the rest of the way down.  All those are good for is tooling around the neighborhood…

  • in reply to: Tell me something about this GIANT please #191871

    Boulders are about $350 new.  I’m guessing it’s a bit old, the components and fork are probably pretty worn.  It would keep you riding for  bit, maybe enough to save for a new bike!

  • in reply to: Front fork recommendation #191870

    The TK Gold and XC 30 are good options.  I have experience with both and they work well.  Make sure to stick to an air fork.  Those cheap Suntours don’t work well, IMO, and I don’t blame you for wanting to change!

  • in reply to: is this titus racer x worth the price on craigslist? #191869

    It looks like a nice bike, well taken care of, but I’d personnally have a hard time paying that much for a 8 year old bike.

  • in reply to: Need some tire recommendations #190837

    I’ve heard good things about Minion front, Ardent rear.  Supposed to have traction all day long.

  • in reply to: Toughest Sidewalls for XC #190836

    I like WTBs.  I’m 200lbs and ride agressively.  I haven’t had any issues. On my 26″ FS, I’m running Bronson’s and on my 29er I run Trail Boss on the rear and Vigilante on the front.  All are TCS and set up tubeless.  Going down to 25psi hasn’t been an issue, I did note some folding when I tried to run the Bronson’s around 20psi on the rear tire.

  • in reply to: Cycling in Central Ukraine 2. Taras Schevchenko Places #190835

    Great pictures and story, thanks for sharing!

  • in reply to: Stripped thread on crank arm #189432

    I get your point about the second hand parts.  The problem you might run into with the second hand crank is  worn out chain rings.  If your current ones will transfer over, that will work out, but if not, you might be looking for those next.

    Good luck whichever direction you go!

  • in reply to: Stripped thread on crank arm #189356

    Can you order from Chain Reaction Cycles?  They have pretty good international shipping options and are cheap.

    How does your bottom bracket feel?  If spins smoothly, with no grinding, I’d just leave it.  I personally wouldn’t go with the square taper BB, it will limit your choices in cranks.

  • in reply to: Have you watched Ashes to Agassiz #185601

    The full movie is on Amazon also.  Looks pretty crazy!  The Mad Max-esque scenes look pretty, ummm, interesting!

  • in reply to: Recovery #185599

    One supplement I like, and is often overlooked, is CoQ10, which is generally sold for cardiovascular health.  It improves blood flow and I’ve notice leg cramping while using it.

  • in reply to: Opinions – Sexism in Cycling #185598

    Interesting article.  One thing I think, even if the company has to apologize, they do wind up getting plenty of press from it, which equals free advertising.

  • in reply to: Chest mount for smartphone… #185544

    The helmet mount from the review is pretty crazy!

  • in reply to: This bike bell is seriously dope #185491

    That’s pretty cool.  been wanting a bell, maybe this is the one.

  • in reply to: Dealing with the wife and new bikes #185489

    It is definitely harder to buy a new one when you have a child. I rode my last bike for close to 10 years.  The important thing to me was to buy one that you feel will be relevant for a while and you can update as you go.  That philosophy kept me riding on a decent bike for quite a while!  Of course, the recent frequent changes in popularity of wheel size has made that a bit harder!

  • in reply to: Tailgate pads #185409

    What do you guys think about this.  I don’t have the extra cash right now to throw out on a nice pad (I have a homemade bed rail setup in my truck) but we do shuttle runs a lot and the fork rail mount is a pain in that case.  I was thinking of picking up a moving blanket at Harbor Freight and attaching velcro to it, to secure it under the bottom of the tailgate.  Anyone tried anything like this?  Seems like it could work.

  • in reply to: Tubeless rim tape width? #185407

    Hey there Fishboy.  Super busy at work, been keeping me away from more casual surfing.  It’s faculty recruitment time at the university, and that’s what I do….

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