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  • in reply to: Best DH in Texas #94300

    By Definition DH would require an Actual HILL! LOL. From one TExan to another.. Your best bet is west texas

  • in reply to: Are FS 29er’s for big guys only? #89960

    Welcome to the 29er crowd. Glad you like your ride. I second trailriders commenst about Crank Lenght. Being 6’5 with a 36" Inseem I really need much longer than the stock 175, But You can only get thename brands up to a point. SRAM is up to a 177.5 which I ride but I really need something like a 185- 187 based on what I read on the internet around sizing. But unless you are a really hard core race you will have a hard time realizing the difference. (In my Humble opinion)

  • in reply to: Which 29er?? #90374

    I have owned a Marin HT for about 12 years. I have literally beat it to death but it just keeps on going. I know several others who own Marins and they love them. If you are in the HT market and looking at those three brands I would say Marin and then the Kona. Does Kona have a 29er?

    Marin has a method to put lower end parts where you dont really need them to keep the price low. Plus… Who can argue with a company that hails from the mother of Moutain biking? Marin County 😆

    Happy Trails

  • in reply to: Trek or Specialized #91056

    My 2 Cents…
    Between the two I would pick Specialized. But if I were in you rprice point I would look real strongly at Giant. From a component group there is no-one that comes close at the price range.

  • in reply to: SINGLETRACKS named… #90193

    Big time congrats!

  • in reply to: How many bikes do you have? #90602

    I just recently joined he 6 bike club:

    1. Giant TCR Aliance
    2. Giant TCR ADvanced
    3. Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 29
    4. Marin Hawk Hill Suped up with Bomber fork disk breaks and Deor
    5. Giant TCX 1 Cyclocross
    6. New to the stable… a 1980 Vintage Puegoet Fixie Track Bike

    I really want one of those belt drive SS 29 moutain bikes next.

    My wife is still trying to decide if I am married to her or my Adiction! 😆 😆

  • in reply to: Are FS 29er’s for big guys only? #89955

    I ride a Specialized FSR Stumpy 29er. While I happen to be one of those "Big guys" at 6’5 I ride with a guy who is about 5’9 or so, We went out about 6 months ago and he was riding a really cool Carbon frame no name he built up by himself, I wanted to give it a try so we jacked the seat up and I rode it down the trail a piece. Of course he wanted to try the 29er. So we dropped my seat and he took off down the trail too. I thought he was never going to come back. He comes back about 30 min later and appologiozed. He said he was having a blast and didn;t want to stop.

    The point being is that the "smaller guys" love them just as much as us bigger guys do. He said it was unbeleivebale how stable he felt cause he was in the bike.

    My advice…. Go FS Go 29! As far as popping he wheel over a curb? Just ride over it. Cause you can!

  • in reply to: Bulging Disk! #88813

    Been there done that waited too long, road too may times and ended up in Surgery L4/L5 fusion.

    Dude, Do not mess around with that crap, Stretches and all of that are a great start. Don’t be pounding down a huge Dh at 30 MPH and expect your back to feel great. Your best bet it to take some time off the rough stuff and HEAL.

    I did not heed the advice above and got to where I couldn’t walk, I had surgery and was flat on my back AND off work for three months. It took me almost 6 months before I could ride anything again and two years before I felt like I could trash a trail like the old days.

    You should go have an MRI and see whats really going on if you have not already.

    Good luck and BE Careful with those back issues.

  • in reply to: Is this a good 29er? #89615

    For XC there is no doubt that the industry and the riders are headed to the big wheels. I have a 29 FSR and I LOVE it. I have a 26" HT as well. On the same trail my 29er will ride faster than the 26 (some has to do with the FS nature and the whole argument there) BUT th ere is no doubt the 29er roles faster. If you are a bigger rider as I am (6’5 200#) the biger wheels offer a unique geometry that alows you to "sit in the bike" rather than "on the bike" strange as it sounds if you have ever felt that feeling of hovering over the bike and truing to control it you know what I mean.

    Anyway, My 2 cents. Moto is a great brand. 29ers rule the XC world.

  • in reply to: Any road cyclists out there? #69319

    Geez, This sounds like AA for Mountain Bikers…..

    Hi, My Name is Eric and I’m a roadie…. 😆 😆

    But Seriously, I absolutely LOVE my Mountain bikes. I have two. I also LOVE my Road bikes I have two, And NOW recently I LOVE my Cyclocross bike (Only one of those). There is a nice little mountain bike park near my house (Jack Brooks just south of Houston) Anyway I load up BOTH bikes in the truck, go to the park, Ride a lap or two in the dirt, then I change bikes and cloths and go for about a 40 mile road ride on the nice country roads down there. It’s a great way to spend a morning. And if you want that full body work out, Try it sometime. Do about 15 to 20 miles in the dirt hard then jump on a roadie for 40 to 50 miles. You will sleep well that night. It probably nearly the equivalent of a century ride on the road.

    And if you own as many bikes as I do you have to ride a hell of a lot just to make sure you show them all the love they need and deserve right? Plus if I don’t ride one of them for over a month my wife wants me to sell one. I cant do that!

    My Stable:
    Mountain: Marin Hard tail with a Marzo 44 Fork/bb7’s etc. and a Specialized 29er stumpjumper FSR
    Road: Giant Aliance TCR 2 and a Full Carbon Giant TCR SL
    Cross: Giant TCX 1 (Awesome ride if you can only have one)

  • in reply to: What problems do you have? #88097

    There is a lot of good info on this thread.. To The Author…

    Mountain biking is a dirty sport. It is a sport that abuses the equipment and the rider. On Purpose. Why? Because we like it that way!

    As mentioned before, today’s technology is far advanced from just a few years ago, and it is advancing exponentially. Yes prices are going up for the new technology and we all want the cool new stuff, but if you look at the lower cost stuff today compared to 5 years ago the durability is up and the weight is down, Basically you get more bang for your buck but you may spend more bucks.

    So (In my opinion) to answer your question the the problems typically settle around being able to perform at a very high level (or higher than your riding buddies) on equipment that will take the abuse, keep you safe and last forever. In short… We want a Tank that goes really fast uphill AND downhill, only weighs 10 pounds, will last forever and only costs 100 bucks! So what’s the big deal?

    Oh one more thing. You have to look cool too! 😆

  • in reply to: Your ‘Ah-ha!’ moment #89391

    😆 😆 IF YOU CAN QUOTE the LINES FROM A NASCAR MOVIE…….. You might be a redneck… 😆 😆

  • in reply to: Your ‘Ah-ha!’ moment #89389
    "GoldenGoose" wrote


    That’s when I learned how to TRULEY Trust my bike, Thats when I found out what it feels like to be in control of something out of control (Stolen form which movie?).

    Haha, you redneck!!!

    Rubbin’ [i:2x9dnjto]IS[/i:2x9dnjto] racin’![/quote:2x9dnjto]

    WHos calling who a redneck???? LOL 😆 😆

  • in reply to: Your ‘Ah-ha!’ moment #89387

    Mine was when I was riding with a friend on a trail I didn’t know. It was a trail he a ridden (Even built part of) 100’s of times. He was riding lead and I was following. He would give me tipps about features as we went.

    Then we came up to this drop to a creek crossing at the top of a 3′ waterfall. He yells back, DON’T Break, Let you bike do what it is supposed to do, Just guide it and let it follow you…..

    That’s when I learned how to TRULEY Trust my bike, Thats when I found out what it feels like to be in control of something out of control (Stolen form which movie?).


  • in reply to: Biking Internationally – MEXICO #85477

    No I am not spamming to bring some post forward. I just thought it would be cool to be able to see the history of the saga…

    So I have now been in Mexico City for about 4 1/2 Months. I managed to procure a pretty cool bike that lets me do some road riding AND off road riding. I bought a cyclocross bike. Giant TCX 1. VERY cool ride if you can only have one bike and want to do road AND some trail riding. I have hooked up with a local guy who takes me to the safe places to get my ride on! (Plus he has a Hot Female friend that likes to come along and ride!) LOL 😉 😉

    Mexico city is suronded by 16,000 ft Plus peaks so climbing is a necessity and DH is… Well Read on.

    I have found two cool spots to do some mountain biking. But one in particular struck my interest that some of you FR and DH guys will like. Just SW of the city is a peak called AJUSCO. We went there to do some offroad climbing. STRAIGHT UP I might addd with no real releif on a cyclocross bike was challenging. I made it but not without thinking my heart was coming out of my chest. The top is probably 15,500′ or so. O2 is a little scarce!

    While in the parking lot of the park I started noting SERIOUS DH rigs. I mean with all the travel you can manage. Well they were all jumping in the back of trucks that were taking them to the top and apparently there are some WORLD CLASS DH trails bermed and everything on the way down. Apparently they are pretty awesome because this Sunday there were hundreds of guys with every rig you could imagine (Including some that looked like they were home made) dressed out with full face helmets, shin and chest gaurds goggles the works.

    Me personnaly being an XC kind of guy stayed on the milder trails. Maybe one day I will be back and rent one of those Giant Glory rigs they had and give my adrenlin a rush!

    By the way, The other place is more West of the City called "Desieto de Los Leones"

    So if you find yourself in Mexico City Get your Lungs acclimated to the elevation and go get some Mexican Thills.

    See you on the trails


  • in reply to: Mountain Bike Speed #86067

    I would suggest you check their calculations, first of all, Then maybe have them reperform the test in a parking lot. I am familiar with Chicgo area, I don’t think there are any neighborhoods in northern Il. that would have a Hill steep enough to get a kid on a mountain bike that fast. Much less a group of them. MAYBE in one of those Chicgo winter storms where the 40 MPH winds and they had about a mile and half to build speed. But then I doubt it.

    30 to 38 MPH is low level pro racing on a road bike. I have acheived 35 MPH on a flat road on a road bike many times. NEVER have I riden that speed on flat surface on a Mountain bike.

  • in reply to: MR2 spyder bike rack #85698

    Necessity being the mother of invention!!!

    Nice improv man

  • in reply to: New MTB Trails in French Lick, IN #84076

    I rode this trail about three weeks ago. The same guy that did Brown County did these Rumor has it. If they keep building on this will be a great system. Central IN is becoming a Mtn Bkg MECCA

  • in reply to: old guy new to riding #85482
    "CraigCreekRider" wrote

    [quote="bigguarddaddy":318uwbhm]hey all , old guy new to mtn biking.just traded my trek madone 4.5 roadie for a titus racer x fs. any ideas on how to train for the trails would be greatly appreciated. also any one who rides in central ny who would like to hook up for a ride and help teach an old dog some new tricks that would be great to . happy trails 😼

    Welcome to the formum bigguarddaddy and welcome to the dirt. Quite a few of us old dogs around here. 😆 Funny, the best riders in my area ride both road and MTB. Those guys smoke me on the longer climbs. I’m hoping to get a road bike by spring to mix it up some and help with my endurance. On MTB, the short steeps might be a little steeper than you are used to and the number of miles you ride will be a lot less (but harder). You should do fine though. Hope you have as much fun as I have. 😃[/quote:318uwbhm]

    "CCR" (pun intended 😏 ) said it right…

    I have said this before but…. I find that the two sports compliment eachother VERY well. The road riding helps train you to KEEP PEDELING and the Mountain Biking gives you strenght in your core more so than the road riding. I ride about 60% road and 40% Mtn. When I started mtn. biking my climbing ability on the road went up significantly on the steeper climbs.

    Pedel hard my Friend

  • in reply to: My now 11 year old gravity riding son…… #85492

    Dude, Your Son rocks, We will be reading about him in MTB Action, in no time!

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