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  • in reply to: Road Trip Recommendations – Kansas City and Roanoke #279784

    Kansas City is pretty close to northwest Arkansas,  so if you have time, you should really come check out the trails here.

    Some recommendations:

    – Coler Mountain Bike Preserve (Hardcore)

    – The Back 40 (Endless possibilities, great variety)

    – Lake Leatherwood (Downhill trails, was one of the Enduro World Series stops this year)

    – Fitzgerald Mountain (Best Trail Ever is a great one)

    – Slaughter Pen (Bentonville trail system that kicked the recent MTB explosion into gear)

    All of these and more can be found on the OZ Trails site:

    Have an awesome trip! Sounds like a blast!

    – David

  • in reply to: Beginner Help #271127

    I’m just a home mechanic (with a stained copy of Zinn’s book), so my advice isn’t going to be too detailed. But it sounds like your derailleur needs to be adjusted. I had similar issues when I replaced my shifter cable; the new cable would sometimes cause the gear to suddenly switch on me, especially when climbing.

    I would try, in this order:

    – Tighten the shifter cable at the derailleur

    – Adjust the derailleur limit screws

    – Fine-tune with the shifter barrel adjuster

    Hope that helps!

  • After enjoying a quick session on some fairly tame local downhill trails, I went for one last run before heading home to get ready for a business appointment. On that last run, I washed out, and my right shin slid across the bare outer chainring of my 3x drivetrain. I got up, saw the skin hanging off my shin, strapped a cloth around it, and started hobbling down the trail calling for help. Two other bikers happened to be there, and they helped me down the trail to the very conveniently-placed urgent care next door. Fifteen stitches later, I made it to my business appointment, in full MTB regalia and with a huge bandage around my leg.

    I’ve worn knee pads (with integrated shin guards) ever since.

    Recently, I took an easy ride up a large jump that is way out of my league. I thought I would just ride onto the top of the table. Turns out that the table had been dug out into a gap, and my front wheel went down and I was thrown over the bars. I landed hard, tore a hole in the palm of a glove, and skidded down the dirt and gravel of the jump on my knee pads. There’s now a deep cut in the hard plastic, but my knees were totally fine, with only some scrapes—ABOVE the knee pads.

    I’m becoming a big believer in protection.

  • in reply to: Looking at entry level full suspension #264862

    The Diamondback Atroz 3 has a really great spec for a full-suspension bike, especially priced at $1400. Only real compromise is that it’s a single-pivot design, which means there will be some pedal bob on the climbs. This is the reason it’s so affordable.

    The Atroz 2 makes a lot of parts compromises, and is probably not such a great value for $900. A good hardtail like the Trek Roscoe line would serve you better.

    I wouldn’t buy a full-suspension bike from BikesDirect. Look at used bikes on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for a great deal.

  • in reply to: Body protection #260962

    After washing out and getting 15 stitches on my right shin, I decided it was time for some knee/shin guards. I picked these up, because they were super cheap and offered good protection: Fox Launch Sport Knee Guard ($28). I also recently got the Fox Launch Pro D30 Elbow Guards ($100). I live and ride in Northwest Arkansas, and we have some pretty rocky trails here.

    The knee guards do the job, but tend to slip down. I’m much happier with the elbow guards, which stay in place better and look better. Both are comfortable though, and I don’t notice them much—especially the elbow guards. No crashes in either yet!

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