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  • in reply to: Crank Brothers Pedals #182898

    I have the Egg Beater 2 from Crank Brothers. I used to fall all the time when they were new, like anything there will be a learning curve. They have held up very well after bouncing off rocks

  • in reply to: How often do you get injured? #182897

    Nothing major. A lot of endos causing bruising and abrasions and upgraded bike parts

  • in reply to: Isn't it Time the Midwest Made an MTB Destination? #176363

    Don’t forget about Brown County in Nashville Indiana. The place is spectacular

  • in reply to: What’s your favorite MTB beer? #122712

    Two Hearted from Bells, Comstock Michigan

  • in reply to: Trail check-ins #120204
    "mtbgreg1" wrote

    If you give specifics about what phone you’re using, what version of the app, how you’re checking in, where you’re check in, etc., then perhaps we can help you resolve the issue. But "getting screwed with trail check ins" doesn’t give us anything to work with.

    Iphone 4

    May 9th- Bendix Woods, IN
    May 18th- Fort Custer, MI
    June 2nd-Bluhm Co, IN
    June 15th-TK Lawless, MI
    June 20th-Imagination Glen, IN
    June 7th or 8th, Imagination Glen, IN

    My phone shows a succesful check-in as well as a updated trail status. However, when the website is checked later on nothing shows.

  • in reply to: Father’s Day crash #120194

    Good times. Memories last forever

  • in reply to: clipless spd pedals vs flat pedals #111170
    "fat_billy" wrote

    Here we go again! 😄 Later,

    Yep, seems vaguely familiar 😆

  • in reply to: The Beer Thread #118335
    "PSUtuna" wrote

    [quote="cynergy68":112cgyfl]Greatest beer in the world is Bell’s Two Hearted. It’s an IPA with 7% alcohol with a hint of a grapefruit after taste. Brewed in Comstock Michigan. This is how I know God loves me.

    +1 on Bell’s Two Hearted. I have the trout logo sticker on my waterbottle. Right beside my Left Hand Milk Stout sticker! All this beer talk makes me wish I wasn’t at work![/quote:112cgyfl]

    Just have a couple during work, it will make the day go faster

  • in reply to: The Beer Thread #118332

    Greatest beer in the world is Bell’s Two Hearted. It’s an IPA with 7% alcohol with a hint of a grapefruit after taste. Brewed in Comstock Michigan. This is how I know God loves me.

  • in reply to: Night ride. #117642

    I just ordered a Niterider 1800 and I’m pumped to start riding at night. I hope I don’t crash and lay there all night.

  • in reply to: Share Your Latest Badge #118406

    I’ve been screwed out of 2 trail check-ins. 😈

  • in reply to: I’ve been very bad #112245

    Don’t be too hard on yourself you could get hit by a garbage truck walking to the mailbox

  • in reply to: ENERGY BARS #105128

    I like the chocolate mint Cliff bars or a quick packet of Gu

  • in reply to: Family sues strava for cyclist death #110498

    You can thank the liberals for all those frivolous lawsuits. Remember things like that on election day.

  • in reply to: What tires are you running? #109606
    "maddslacker" wrote

    [quote="Bonsai-CP":3jcjgshx][quote="mtbgreg1":3jcjgshx]BTW Madd, to each their own on the crankset issues or thing you are having…LOL I have nothing against any RF products, as i have a few RF products, including my D2 stems which i totally love per say…LOL. Of course with I am more of a Truvativ crankset man…hahaha.

    The post is gone now but chilipepper was quick to express your opinions about my Race Face Evolve XC crankset when I got it several years ago. Yet I have had zero issues with it… 😃[/quote:3jcjgshx]

    Slacker, let I go already, let it go

  • in reply to: Weekly Weigh In #105931
    "treky92" wrote

    Most recent weigh in was at 172 but I am looking to hit 180 by the end of March. Who’s with me? 😃

    You mean you weigh 95 lbs and want to get to 105 soaking wet

  • in reply to: Bottom Bracket removal #108632
    "treky92" wrote

    I recently picked up the last component that I needed to upgrade my drivetrain and was going to install it today. Everything came off fine until I got to the bottom bracket. It is a Shimano Deore LX crank that came stock on my bike that is two years old. The crank is a three piece. I removed both crank arms and that left the bottom bracket. I tossed the tool on and took the left (non-drive side) off no problem. I then came over to the drive side and attempted to remove it to no avail. It is reverse thread from what I understand. When it wouldn’t move, I called shimano and they told me to turn it counter clockwise even on the drive side. I then called Trek and they confirmed that it was reverse thread. I still can not get the bottom bracket off… I have used many different lubes (WD 40 etc.) to try and loosen it, but it is really on there. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated since I am off the bike until this is figured out.


    You need some extra elbow grease. It would help if you didn’t weigh 95lbs soaking wet

  • in reply to: On the cover of Mountain Bike Action… #110002
    "maddslacker" wrote

    Since I can’t see the magazine cover from here, I will go with … potato.

    Bahahaha! No one likes a smartass!….except me. That was funny

  • in reply to: 8 times #109895

    Just stick with it. Everybody struggles a tad when they first try them. The benefit of clipless pedals are amazing. I was frustrated and almost quit them at one point, I’m glad I stuck it out

  • in reply to: What tires are you running? #109582

    Specialized Renagade (29er). Great grippy tire, but don’t ride on pavement or you’ll burn up the tread extremely fast

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