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  • in reply to: Pet Peeves of the Trail #101285

    ShinyPebble@ Yeah I ride Bent Creek too! The riders with dogs seem to mostly have theirs under control but the walkers..especially the ones with leashes seem to have no clue.

    My biggest pet peeve on a trail is running through spider webs. 😎

  • in reply to: Anything Inspirational? #101364

    When my legs got a second wind at the 40 mile mark last week. They felt brand new. First time that ever happened. 😎

  • in reply to: best trail in bent creek #97655

    There is a new map available at the bikeshops local to Bent Creek and Pisgah that a local guy has done. It is very good and has some suggested routes in it as well. 😎

  • in reply to: best trail in bent creek #97654

    May be too late for you but if you park at the first parking area coming in which will be on your right (you have to turn in the first road to the right across from the back entrance to the experimental station) and ride out of there on the exhibition trail. Take it all the way up until you run into a gravel road and turn right. Go approx 1/2 mile and then the Ingles Field Gap trail will be on your left. This trail is a great climb up. It will eventually top out at a gap in an area known as Five Points. From there you can go several different directiions but I suggest taking the trail on up to Green’s Lick. Green’s Lick is a fantastic downhill for a couple of miles. At the bottom you can turn left on Lower Sidehill and then off of it then go left for a climb back up towards the exhibition trail. There are so many different options there is no way to just name one best trail. 😎

  • in reply to: Good first mountain bike? #94626

    Many LBS’s may have some good deals going right now with trying to get rid of last years models or some good rental bikes from last year.

  • in reply to: Pain in my hands #94894

    Have to throw my two cents in for the Ergon grips. I bought a pair this past year because I started riding longer distances and I love ’em.

  • in reply to: Dropper SeatPost – Worth it? #94725

    Yeah, you don’t have much trouble getting into the "attack" position I guess.

  • in reply to: Dropper SeatPost – Worth it? #94723

    Dang! You sure he’s not 6’8"! Just joking but I see what you mean. I’m between 5’9" – 5’10" and I’ve always done exactly what you described. Used to ride with my seat a little too high but I began to let it down some and so most times I can get back on it where I need to unless its really steep. Just have heard so much about these seat posts lately that it makes me wonder if it would be cool to be able to let it up and down easier and maybe improve riding in some places where I wouldn’t normally take the time to stop. thanks!

  • in reply to: Dropper SeatPost – Worth it? #94721

    I don’t mean to sound like a dummy but what does your height have to do with it? I mean…the idea is to get the seat out of your way on downhill and tech stuff right? I’m kind of interested in one also.

  • in reply to: What's in the backpack? #94848

    I’m an old guy and I’ve been ridin’ for 5 or 6 years and very seldom use my Camelback but I would advise at least having one for long trips. I usually do the same thing with the saddle bag. CO2, tube, chain break, tire tools, patch kit. Carry my gels and extra bottle of water in my jersey and one on the bike. Another thing I do when I want to do 4 or 5 hours is if possible I park my car in a place where I can just do several long loops out and back near the car so I can get more water and food there if needed. Again, though, the pack is a good thing to have especially if you are going to be in pretty remote country.

  • in reply to: Goin full suss #91867

    If you are riding in NG you might want to consider a Stumpjumper Comp. Should be able to pick one up for $2200. I have owned Treks and Specialized and the Stumpjumper is my latest bike. For me, in the mountains it would be a hard bike to beat. I also tried Orbea and Santa Cruz’s before I bought. Mountain Bike Action magazine did a comparison a couple of months ago on bikes in that price range and the Stumpy won with the Trek a close second. Hope this helps.

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