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    So i tried the above i also decided to move all th spacers below the stem which is now a more comfortable position and has improved my speed on the decents and went for a ride.

    i really payed attention to what was going on with the knock and noticed that at the start of the run the knock is none existent but when the trail gets rough or when the run has taken a while it starts to occur ( feels like a loose headset)

    when i stop to start the climb again i checked the headset and there was a little moment not a lot but more than there was before so seems to be coming loose but when you do the letting the wheel fall to one side trick it still doesn’t do this so that tells you that its tight right?

    should i over tighten the top nut to compensate for it coming loose i use to work at a bike shop and have never had this issue before i am truthfully baffled and have stripped the headset down numerous times and have really analyzed every part and am stumped any suggestions?


  • in reply to: Specialized stumpjumper, front End knock help. #262818

    Thanks for that i will try that as my next step.

    One thing i did forget to mention was there is no in between on the adjustment meaning it either is to tight or to loose.

    i will adjust so the wheel moves freely side to side but to do this the headset is slightly loose but then i will tighten the bolt ever so slightly not even a quarter turn and then its to tight and wont move freely, any advice

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)