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  • in reply to: How Strava Is Changing the Way We Ride #115364
    "mtbgreg1" wrote

    While Jeff has already blogged on this topic, this article from Outside Magazine is probably the most comprehensive article I’ve read about Strava to date:


    I don’t see a link for the article?

  • in reply to: Front Range Trails #114694
    "Gdb49" wrote

    Okay, I’ve made the list for next season. Took all the Colorado trails listed on the top 100 and added all the trails listed on this thread. I will also hit Crested Butte and Fruita heavily and sneak a couple out of state trails. Thanks for all the input, could not have put together this high of a quality of a list without your help.
    Buffalo Creek
    Monarch Crest
    Colorado Trail
    18 Roads Trail
    Trail 401
    Kokopelli Area Trails
    Hall Ranch
    Lair O’ The Bear
    3 Sisters/Alderfer
    Bergen Park
    Mount Falcon Park
    Doctor Park
    Peaks Trail
    Red Rocks/Dakota Ridge
    Brockover Mesa/Turkey Springs
    White Ranch
    Lunch loop/Tabeguache
    Phils World
    Palmer Park
    Walker Ranch
    Deer Creek Canyon
    Apex Park
    Hermosa Creek Trail
    Falcon Trail
    Hartman Rocks
    Copper Triangle
    Centenial Cone Park
    Red Hill
    Golden Gate Canyon
    Cheyenne Mtn State Park
    Limbaugh Canyon
    Monument trails/ Stoopid Trail
    Peaceful Valley
    Sourdough Trails
    South Saint Vrain
    Buchanan Pass
    Devils Backbone

    Pueblo South, Ute Valley Park, and Palmer Park for the winter!!!

    dang, that is a lot of riding!

  • in reply to: How do I know when to wear a full face helmet? #114800

    Ok, thanks.

  • in reply to: How is Boulder? #114735
    "Gdb49" wrote

    Definitely worth bringing your bike. Just 15 minutes from Halls Ranch- one of the best rides in the state. Walker Ranch is very sweet and Valmont Park is cool as hell. Check the videos and ratings on those 3 alone and you’ll want your bike. The mini helicopter video on Valmont park is worth watching just for fun.

    Thanks, I will bring it(hopefully).

  • in reply to: Fork Upgrade #114434
    "maddslacker" wrote

    It [i:1qzbebni]might[/i:1qzbebni] develop a slight tendency to wander when climbing, but on the other hand it will be more confident on steep downhill. (this is because the 20mm longer fork reduces the head angle by one degree)

    I did the exact same upgrade on my Giant Trance and it turned out really well.

    Check it out in my profile as there is a picture with each fork installed.

    great, thanks.

  • in reply to: Fork Upgrade #114432

    Ok, thanks guys. Would there be any problems with handling if I switched to 120?

  • in reply to: Will these hold up? #114207
    "Jarrett.morgan" wrote

    Looks like a great pair of gloves. I don’t wear special mountain bike gloves and I’ve never scraped my hands up with all my falls. They should hold up and protect your hands no problem.

    Great, thanks for the help.

  • in reply to: Which bike? Please Help. #113984
    "Gdb49" wrote

    What did you get?

    I finally went with the giant revel 1. It felt great, and I really like it.

  • in reply to: Stupid Mistake #114107
    "dgaddis" wrote

    If you’re forgetting to unlock your suspension…and don’t notice it’s locked on the ride….then maybe you don’t really need suspension in the first place. Swap your suspension for for a rigid carbon fork and you’ll drop at least two pounds off the bike, and you’d be surprised how little it beats you up, especially once you get used to it.

    Actually, this was the first time I had ever ridden there, and only the second time on a real mountain bike, so I did not know how it feels. Now, I know, and probably would notice right away.

  • in reply to: Stupid Mistake #114093
    "jeff" wrote

    Happens to me all the time, especially when I "ride to the ride." I finally worked out a system for my Tuesday night rides where a certain intersection near the meet up spot reminds me to re-engage the fork. Still, sometimes I forget and it takes me a mile or two of singletrack before I realize what’s happening. 😀

    Ill have to try that, at least I am not alone. 😀

  • in reply to: Fighting for the rights of private motocross track owners. #113620

    I signed, whatever happened in the end…?

  • in reply to: Can’t find a DH bike for your little one? Then build it! #104958
    "Bonsai-CP" wrote

    [quote="slipfinger":1ktireg4]Read that article earlier, at 9 no way that little guy knows how lucky he is to have a parents (well until the mother finds out the cost 😃) that support him emotionally and financially! Good on the parents for keeping the kids off the video games and giving them the chance to experience a real life video game.

    ^^^ Amen to that!!! 😉 😄

    I started my son when he was five on a two wheel, did his first double diamond when he was six. Got him set-up on bigger FR/DH bike when he was eight, and at nine, he was hucking 6′ plus ledge drops. Now at 13, he hucks 12′ to 15′ drops w/big gaps and is really shredding the trails, especially the freeride stuff. I had to do some work on the bike though to fit him, and now he has his own DJ. Of course he does not need a dual crown yet, as his fork is way strong enough for his weight and discipline riding.

    That was a great story! Thanks for sharing it bro!

    On-On! 😄[/quote:1ktireg4]

    Man, I wish I was your kid. He sounds awesome. I’m a teenage just starting out, and my parents never showed me mountain biking…..At least I am starting now, and not in my 50s though….

  • in reply to: Which bike? Please Help. #113981
    "maddslacker" wrote

    You’re awfully concerned about Palmer Park … have you even ridden any of these around the parking lot?

    Test ride as many bikes as you can that fit your budget, get the one that fits and feels the best, then ride it wherever you want.

    I spent my first three years of mountain biking riding a $150 used Specialized Rockhopper all over Colorado and Utah. The only upgrades I made to it in that time were tires and the fork. And yes it could handle trails like Palmer Park.

    Ok, I guess I am being a little weird. I will try some, then get one.

  • in reply to: Help with finding trail bike #113938

    what would you guys say about the giant revel 1, as compared to the trek 3900?

  • in reply to: Which bike? Please Help. #113979

    Ok, what about this bike? Giant Revel 1. It has a 100mm fork. How would it go at palmer park? Also, is better compared to the trek?

  • in reply to: Which bike? Please Help. #113978


  • in reply to: Which bike? Please Help. #113975
    "treky92" wrote

    For that type of price point you are not going to get good brakes and a good fork. The reviews are probably comparing the fork and brakes to better bikes and components. While neither of these bikes are going to have great componentry, go with the one that fits you better.

    good point. Does anyone know if the trek can handle Palmer Park?

  • in reply to: Which bike? Please Help. #113973

    Could anyone please help? Or even recommend a different one that is the same price or a little cheaper that is better? Also, I am worried about the diamondback, because I just checked out the reviews for it on single track, and some people said it was good, but others said the brakes and especially fork were bad. I dont know too much about MBs, but arent forks really expensive? Then I would not get that one.

  • in reply to: Help with finding trail bike #113934
    "skibum" wrote

    "Would a 100 mm fork handle stuff in Colorado Springs like Ute valley, palmer park, cheyenne mountain state park, and whatever else is here?"

    Well, that depends on what parts of those venues you want to ride and how skilled a rider you are. I don’t consider myself particularly gifted, yet I’ve ridden my old hardtail with a mere 80mm of travel (a little over 3") at all those places. It’s great at CMSP, good at Ute, but I definitely prefer my FS 5" trailbike on the big stuff at Palmer. I suspect going 29er will help as well (my bikes are still 26ers).

    Are you saying your bike couldnt handle Palmer well, or your fs handles it better? Of course, a 100 mm would be better than an 80, but….

  • in reply to: Help with finding trail bike #113931

    Would a 100 mm fork handle stuff in Colorado Springs like Ute valley, palmer park, cheyenne mountain state park, and whatever else is here?

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