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    My first MTB was a Moto 529HT. My biggest gripe about them is their website.Its not easy to find what you looking for without a real filtering option and it looks like it was built in 1999. Outside of the whole purchasing experience, the bike was ok. Its a real basic 3×8 sram drivetrain, suntour coil fork, and the worst tires I have ever seen. I had a lot of fun on it, got into mountain biking, and then sold it to my friend for 100 bucks about a year later when I upgraded. He still rides it nearly 3 years later. (Of course with new tires.) I never had any catastrophic failures, but the wheels and tires that come with it are absolute garbage. Its not way cheaper than a similar entry level hardtail, they just make the compromises in different areas to get to the price point, so it depends on whats important to you.Also the hydraulic brakes it comes with are not so great- Tektro Dracos





  • in reply to: Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)? #260341

    I have really enjoyed the cheap amazon brand Baleaf that FredCook pointed out. They are a little warm, (and honestly a little dorky looking) but good for winter riding. I also like their chamois with gel. Hope you like swishy pants though cause these are loud when you are walking.

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    I have a set of hans dampf 2.35s and they are great tires, though the casings on mine are susceptible to gashes. I recently ordered a 2.5 maxxis aggressor dd for the rear as my sidewalls just couldn’t take it anymore. I bought that tire based on reviews, particularly of the stout casing. I’ll review it after a race next month. Ozark trail should be a good test!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)