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  • in reply to: Car/Truck Seat Cover?- for post ride mud #236567

    I’m on my second year with this:

    NeoCrafts car seat cover

    works really well even though the clip that holds it to the seat is kind of chintzy.




  • in reply to: Rockshox Upgrade Question #233576

    It probably needs a straight steerer tube, right? Then yes, you should try to snag a Reba from somewhere (eBay, Workdwide Cyclery – where I got mine). I slapped a Reba on my DB Overdrive because it’s really the only decent fork out there that you can still find with a straight steerer tube and 9mm QR. It’s a great fork though.

    You could save money and get a Recon. It’s not the best fork in the world but is plenty sufficient for most trails. It’s also pretty easy to get the straight steerer and 9mm QR for around 150 to 200.


  • in reply to: first ride tomorrow #119821

    How did you like it? The Rope Mill trails are pretty good and flowy.

  • in reply to: Moab Area Mountain Bike Trail Map #73523

    Yeah, I knew about those, but liked the idea of getting a laminated copy..;) I’m too lazy to hit up Kinko’s…

  • in reply to: Moab Area Mountain Bike Trail Map #73521

    Jeff, are you going to make these available for sale on the site as well? Any plans for other MTB areas (Fruita, Crested Butte, Front Range, North GA, Pisgah/Dupont, etc)?

  • in reply to: Ready to move to the next level #73529

    My God, Bomb….I think the OP’s head just exploded…. 😆

  • in reply to: Ready to ride? #73417

    Yeah, the weather is finally cooperating and my main rig is down for a couple weeks. Interesting story….I’ll post it in another thread….

  • in reply to: Singletracks socks? #70250
    "EZ-E" wrote

    Any chance of Singletracks jersey/riding shirts, riding shorts, and sweatshirts in the near future?

    I think if Jeff did that, he’d have to take some very specific pre-paid orders. That could get expensive for him to try and maintain stock on that stuff if there’s no guarantee that he’ll sell it. Even with the socks, he said that he didn’t get as many orders as expected.

    I like your other idea, though. 😀

  • in reply to: Singletracks socks? #70247

    I have 4 pair and have nearly worn them out ;)

    Yes, I’d order some more, but only if they were different colors or something. Like if you changed them to blue and yellow or something like that….

    (well, maybe not blue and yellow…but some other combo…?)

  • in reply to: Forum changes #72882

    Good deal! I like the changes. 😮 😃

    Keep up the good work!

  • in reply to: Singletracks National Gathering #70377
    It’s a hell of a place right in our back yard here in colorado

    Yeah, all well and good for you guys in CO, but quite a trip for us east-coasters, and there are a LOT of east-coasters here.

    But, aside from that, I’m in. If we ever pull this off, and Moab is the destination, I’m totally in. 😄 😄 😄

  • in reply to: Singlespeed #72816
    Damn son, thats a great looking bike. Maybe you can help me out with my SS project.

    Doug 😎

    PS-I have a new kid… wife delivered a 2008 Cannondale F7 to me on Friday. 😆

    Let’s see some pics of the C’dale!

  • in reply to: Newbie saying Hi #72822


    Hardrocks hold a special place in my heart. My first real bike was a Hardrock Sport Disk. I still have the frame. Durn thing is solid as a frikkin rock.

  • in reply to: Anyone ridden Morningside near Midtown Atlanta? #72559

    yuk. Oh well. A good jogging trail then…..;)

  • in reply to: winter riding tips #72681

    Man, just reading this thread makes my feet feel cold.

    I use the DeFeet wool socks (Wool-e-ator) and PI toe covers. Of course, cold in Georgia is no where near what cold is in NE and Colorado ;) so this works fine down here.

  • in reply to: Ride Photography #72198
    we were going over and over this point and i got to a point where i was doing track stands.i just knew somone would ask what was going on in this was my first time at slick rock and we just had to stop and play at every cool technical spot and squeez every ounce of coolness we could out of it.freakin amazin place to ride.

    So, you DID live to tell about it… 😉 😉 😆

    Yeah, I quickly lose track of time when I’m in Moab on the slickrock. It’s just all a big cool playground that you can’t get enough of.

  • in reply to: Bogus Trail Websites out there #72781

    Not to mention those websites (,, all look like they were designed by a 15 year old back in 1993.

    I too tried the free trial and found it to be crap. Thank God for Singletracks. 😃 😃

  • in reply to: Anyone ridden Morningside near Midtown Atlanta? #72557

    Did you ever get out to this trail? From other things I’ve heard, it’s a little bit like the side trails at the Silver Comet. Haven’t ventured down that way yet. Is it worth it?

  • in reply to: A new member…but been riding for awhile. #72759
    Craig, yes MABLETON is Northwest Ga right off I-20 past Six Flags.

    Rebus,Clinton Reserve is also off I-20 West. Take the Post Rd. exit, go back across the bridge go about 2 miles and turn rt. on Ephasus Church Rd. You’ll go 3 or 4 miles and Clinton Reserve will be on you’re right. You can’t miss it.

    Doug 😎

    Sweet! I didn’t see it in the trail listing here…you should add it. Get your first points! 😼

    Nice name change, BTW. This one is definitely more bad ass. ;)

  • in reply to: What bike rack do you use? #230345

    I don’t know, Altaracks doesn’t sound like a cost effective option for someone who doesn’t run a shuttle service. I would never have a need to haul more than 2 bikes so I can’t see how spending $1200 on a rack would be a good idea. If you guys had a nice $500 2 bike setup, then you could say it’s on par with a 1Up or Kuat, then I would give it serious consideration. The OP has “A” bike, not 6, that he needs to haul. Kinda hard to justify that kind of expense….Sorry.


    edit: oops I missed @BBelfield ‘s post before I replied. didn’t mean to pile on.

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