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    Re: cyclosaur

    I didn’t end up going two weeks ago but I was in Salida over the weekend for a backpacking trip with my wife.  We stayed at O’ Haver campground the first night and then hiked into Hunt lake for an over-nighter.  A couple thoughts:

    O’Haver campground was packed.  We took a spot from someone who didn’t use their reservation…we got lucky.  I would opt to find somewhere else to camp if its on the weekend.  Otherwise, I suspect you’d be fine there.  It was a nice campground.

    The trail we did was a portion of:—hunt-lake-trail.html

    It was an awesome trail for hiking and I’d prepare for some serious hike-a-bike.  There were definitely areas that were impassible by bike as we were   post-holing for a good portion of the hike.  We ended up doing the 4 mile stretch coming in from the North and hiking Southwest.

    Good luck with your adventure! Hopefully the snow is all melted if you were trying to get some high alpine riding in.  That was our first time in Salida and the town was amazing.  So far it’s my favorite town in Colorado.

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    I am actually looking to head to Salida tomorrow and ride Saturday and Sunday.  I will be camping as well.  Looks like it could be a solo trip so if anyone is interested in linking up for a ride, let me know!  I will post on here as well with where I camp to help out your trip in July.


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    There are some hidden gems in the Lehigh Valley. Salisbury Purchase Park and South Mountain to name a couple. These are nice because they are tucked away and experience less traffic than many popular trails and are every bit as good. I live in Colorado now and the quantity of track here is insane. However, I can say PA trails prepared me very well for the tech I find out here. Shout out to Cutter’s Bike Shop in Bethlehem to give some good advice on local trail.

    Also a note about Jim Thorpe….Last I was there maybe a year ago the local bike shops said most of the single track has been closed and if not, turned to double track. I don’t think it is the Mecca it once was.

    Wiss in the Philly area is great riding as well!

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