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    I took a quick look at gravatar and they seem to have one photo per e-mail address or id. The photo I have now may work well with my other on-line activities but seems a bit out of place in an MTB forum. I’ll see what I can do.


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    makes sense, but I don’t like using Facebook anymore.


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    No credit for GPS data?


  • in reply to: GPS data upload #119985

    What is the underlying topo data that you are using? I see some trails on the topo maps themselves but it doesn’t seem to be OSM data since I’m not seeing trails I contributed to OSM.


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    That’s what I thought too. For now fix what is there and in the future I’ll upload individual segments. I’ll also add a sub-track to show a good way to ride the trails.


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    I uploaded GPS data and it is now published, but I think there is an issue how the data is interpreted: … &view=topo


    the data I uploaded contained segments that represent individual trails. But the display of the data on the map seems to join segments which creates straight line trails that don’t actually exist. Can this be fixed?


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    Greg, I think I get it.

    Each database entry is basically just a collection of GPS coordinates. It may be a trail, a network of trails or multiple trails linked together. Sub trails are simply entries that are linked to a given area but they have their own set of GPS coordinates.

    So for a simple trail network, like I would find on conservation land, I would just create one “trail” called “blah blah trails” which is a collection of GPS coordinates of the trails in that system. I think was confused by the notion of trail as an entry and saw it as just that, a single trail.

    How are the complex trail systems created? simply by specifying a new “parent trail system”?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)