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    i love my Wiley-X

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    Still being undecided, as I keep test riding more bikes I’m uncomfortable on my 72* HTA bike in size L @ 6’4″ I need an XL and love the feel of a 29er but i like the cushion of a 2.6 -2.8 wide tire as i prefer a HT for the fun factor. plus i need the plusher ride due to breaking my back in Iraq circa 2005. I have test rode a few 27.5+ rigs that i like but the only 29er i can find with at least a 2.6 that is what i consider affordable is the Timberjack Deore. Picking a new bike is a PITA. too many choices and prices are ridiculous with not a lot of margin to the LBS as I have a cousin who owns a bike shop in CT, according to him best bang for buck is Giant which is funny considering he’s not a Giant dealer LOL.

  • in reply to: How do you feel about litter on the trail? #260205

    Trails aroud me stay pretty clean but i believe in pack it in pack it out

  • in reply to: 6K Bike at Walmart? #260204

    Very good point about the assembly/initial tune up aspect i hadn’t even thought about that. do they even have a proper workstation at walmart or a cardboard box and a 15mm wrench?

  • in reply to: 6K Bike at Walmart? #260199

    They may not have it all at once, but they could holiday special Layaway! LOL! the Bentonville area trail system is amazeballs because of wal mart, and I love my country club neighborhood owned by the Robson Family who are married to the Waltons we have 13 miles of paved bike path and adding 5-7 more.

  • in reply to: Looking for help/guidance #260149

    +1 for the Giant Stance

  • in reply to: Trail Hardtails #260148

    Well I hate to double post but i guess its time to save my pennies to get the Timberjack, one dealer who has the bike in my size in stock says bike prices are fixed and they offer one free tune up. the other shop who would have to order the bike has won my business however with a 10% military/veteran discount and free unlimited basic tune ups $68 value/each for the first year.

  • in reply to: Trail Hardtails #260147

    Already checked on old stock, i prefer buying local, I guess i’ll just have to firure out a way to get the 2 local retailers that carry Salsa to compete for my business. i.e. discount or free service/tune up in the first few months/year.

  • in reply to: Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)? #260136

    Not MTB specific, but I love my Zero Xposure Travel pants and mt Wrangler Outdoors Travel pants, both have a nice tapered leg so as not to get caught in the chain ring but baggy enough to wear kneepads underneath without them becoming tight and restrictive. Bonus I can usually find them for $17-$25.

  • in reply to: Trail Hardtails #261139

    how do you like the geo on it?

  • in reply to: Trail Hardtails #260421

    its not so much having weed smokers on payroll its the blatant selling of kona branded rolling papers. i have ridden a couple konas and they are fabulous bikes.

  • in reply to: Trail Hardtails #260210

    duly noted on the santa cruz

  • in reply to: Trail Hardtails #260203

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. EVER

  • in reply to: Trail Hardtails #260200

    For me the answer is never Kona, I don’t support Potheads.

  • in reply to: Trail Hardtails #260198

    Amen, there are some sweet frames out there that will take 29er wheels but you’re right not QR, at least not the sweet super slack ones like the RSD Middlechild, or the Commencal Meta AM HT. You could have gotten a Salsa Timberjack frame with the QR alternator dropouts, but I don’t think it would have been as budget friendly as the route you went.

  • in reply to: Trail Hardtails #260145

    unfortunately that is old info, the 2019 Timberjacks come in 3 different build kits starting at$1249.00 27.5×2.8 or 29×2.6 build kit and wheel size determine your frame color, the Deore 29er is flat black with very feminine looking teal/turquoise graphics/logo.  Was hoping for some other ideas, I have several LBSs where i live, but they are all the Big 3 or roadie shops, I don’t understand how they stay in business when they all sell the same stuff and their is no competitive pricing in new bikes. it’s not like going to a car lot.

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