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  • in reply to: Who Bike Commutes? #98120

    I am trying to ride at least 2x a week but work schedule and travel sometimes hampers that goal. To date I have ridden 287 miles, starting in the last week of February. This past week I only got one commute in when I discovered half way into my route I had a broken spoke and ended up riding home in the pouring rain and breaking another spoke!


    Monster Cross, aka Commuter Cross, basically a 29er MTB with Kenda Kross tires
    Marin Stinson Fixed Gear
    Lambert Grand Prix Fixed Gear (an original Death Fork bike)

    Why do I commute? Save gas, get exercise, tweet, blog, urban wildlife, all the chicks want my body when I get to the office.

    I park my bike in my office, where do you park yours?

  • in reply to: NEMBA #92460
    "Fitch" wrote

    Anyone on this forum involved with NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association)? I’m getting more and more into the group (trail advocacy, trail building, group rides, etc) and love it. It’s a heck of a great community and gives us a chance to do more than just ride the trails – we can maintain them, build new ones, fight for access on old ones, etc – anyone here a NEMBA memba?


    I am the CT Chapter President. NEMBA is recognized by the State Governments as a mountain bike group that gets the job done and sticks with what they say they are going to do. I know from my own experience it’s easier to get trail approved if you belong to NEMBA and have their backing on that trail rather than going it alone as John Q Public.

  • in reply to: Any Central NH MTB’ers Out There? #91762

    Have you checked out any of the NH NEMBA chapters? They are generally a friendly bunch.

    They have a Southern NH and White Mountains Chapters.

    Check out NEMBAfest as Bear Brook State Park on October 9 & 10. I will be there.

  • in reply to: tired of riding alone CT #90907
    "pinkmtb" wrote
    you will find many there, thats where i found all of my mtb buddies. Tell them Lisa sent you

    Watch out for these posers, they like to ride without helmets and are into wet trail sports – J/K, actually some really good riders have emerged from this group and are really giving back to the CT Mountain Biking Community.

    Not intending to take you away from ST but if you want to find some more local rides going down in your area, check out and ride boards.

    CT NEMBA just had their second Mountain Bike Adventure Series at Cockaponset SF yesterday.

    Our next event is coming up next month, which is our Fall Fiesta at Gay City. And we’ll be having some big rides in the fall, too.

  • in reply to: Riding near Cockysville #90022

    Well, headset was shot on the singlespeed so I didn’t bring it down with me. Just brought the Monster Crosser and rode the NCR from Monkton to PA and back, this evening. That was fun. 50 minutes up and 30 back!

    Next time I come down, I will be be bringing the mountain bike and plan on hitting Sweet Air.

  • in reply to: Riding near Cockysville #90019
    "rmanla" wrote

    from what i understand the woods roads (the fire road i believe) is officially open but the the singletrack is questionable right now. I hear people are still riding and the rangers are informing but not ticketing. Seems to be in discussion right now.

    What is the surface of the dual track/fire road like? Could you ride it with a Cyclocross Bike or are fatter tires more of the prerequisite?

  • in reply to: Riding near Cockysville #90017

    Speaking of Loch Raven, can somebody describe what you can and cannot ride? Is there a dual track/fire road that circumnavigates the reservoir that is open to riding and all the single track is closed?

  • in reply to: Riding near Cockysville #90015
    "mattbrown" wrote

    I always see people fishing at the big gunpowder. Do people really catch anything in there?? It looks so polluted haha

    Used to catch some really nice trout in the Little and Big Gunpowder falls. Not sure about today, though, but they sound like they are still good trout fisheries. I am sure downstream where they open up into the bay they could be bad.

  • in reply to: Riding near Cockysville #90013
    "mattbrown" wrote

    Hey. I like all the gunpowder trails. My favorite would prob be the little gunpowder one right off harford RD. There is also a pretty good one with alot of downhill in Kingsville. Hit me up if you ever want to go. I’m always looking to for someone to go with…

    I hope to be back down in a couple of weeks. Probably going to bring the Monster Crosser for an up and back on the NCR and then want to hit Sweet Air, and some of the Gunpowders. The irony is back in the early 90s I was stationed at APG and used to used all these trails for fishing.

  • in reply to: Gus from Baltimore Maryland #85425

    Any recommendations for riding around Cockysville? I will be down there for business in the coming weeks and plan on bringing the bike. I know I can ride the NCR trail on my cross bike which I plan on doing but also would be interested in hitting some single track, too.

  • in reply to: My blog about my Department stor mountainbike #89439

    Someone gave me a ‘Goose D-60 that I turned into a Rigid 69er, with rear suspension (the beauty of URT), single speed. It was a fun Frankenbike project that I used for rail trails.

    My Dumpgoose!

  • in reply to: Nishiki! #89375

    Nishiki’s first mountain bike was called the Bushwhacker and it debuted around 1983/84 timeframe. The Cascade rolled out in the late 80s. Consider doing a SS build, not much to it, if everything else is good to go, just take off the rear cassette and get a BMX style rear cog (screw on with it’s own bearings) and strip the front cranks down to just the middle ring. If that thing has chrome Moose bars, it will look pimp!

  • in reply to: My blog about my Department stor mountainbike #89437

    Apparently, when buying those bikes new they have warning labels: [i:u2rgyons]Not for Off Road Use[/i:u2rgyons]. Ride it into the ground and then hit up your local LBS for a better bike, or try CList, but do a little research first.

  • in reply to: Nishiki! #89373

    Got any pix of the Nishiki? What model is it? What do you classify as old? Somebody gave me an old Nishiki Cascade that I want to rebuild into an off road fixie/SSer/69er (assuming I can find a fork). Let me know if you are willing to part out any of the bits.

  • in reply to: 29ers – not a fad #89404

    But it’s a ‘Goose! Would any self respecting mountain bike rider buy something from Wally World, let alone a ‘Goose? But you are right, 29ers are making it to the mass market and now we can all revel in the folly of stupid people buying cheap bikes and wondering why their POS falls apart on them on the trail. I hope they put a label on that thing saying "not approved for off road use!"

  • in reply to: How do people get so much better than me? #89342

    Drink PBR! J/K I find the only way to get better and maybe this has been already said but just keep riding and trying new things.

    For example, I started racing last year but only had time for two races.

    This year I have done three races but the first two I barely trained for and went into them with the intention I am here to have a good time and not push myself. Came in last both times, had fun, but didn’t push myself.

    Last week, I trained for the race this weekend. Got to the course early and took pre-lap. Did the race and pushed myself. It was even more fun this way and I actually bested a few guys, came in 7 out of 10.

    Now I can’t get enough. Next race I can do is in a month so may daily training will back down to 1 to 2x a week but knowing what I can do now will only help me to get better.

  • in reply to: Mapsource ver 6.15.6 Bug in GPX save #80964

    Yeah, only I don’t think I have the previous version installed.

  • in reply to: CT Members – Speak up! #72115
    "twellspeak" wrote

    Another CT rider Checking in. My normal ride is a run through West Hartford Res. (or a walk out if I forget my spare tube).

    What do you ride? How long have you been riding?

    If you are interested, there is a NEMBA ride at Huntington SP in Redding on June 21st. Non-members are welcomed and if you join NEMBA that day the ride is free.

  • in reply to: CT Members – Speak up! #72113
    "SpaceCow" wrote

    I just registered on the forum looking for a group to ride with. Any suggestions?

    Are you a member of NEMBA? The local chapter usually runs rides around the area. Check out and also check for local ride groups.

    Did you read the article about the new trail in Upper Paugussett State Forest called the Gussy Trail? I ride that trail a lot since I was the one who built it.

    Email me at if you want to ride sometime.

  • in reply to: CT Members – Speak up! #72111

    Welcome to Singletracks! Great to see another CT Yankee using the site!

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