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  • in reply to: winter trail riding #289165

    I love fat biking. I live in Canada Southern Ontario and last year we had 4 month of fat biking in the snow. Are we talking about the same minus 37 and wearing shorts? Perhaps not? I dont go below minus 25. After that it becomes too hard too breath for me. It should start snowing here in the next few weeks I hope.

  • in reply to: What MTB trend do you want reversed? #279794

    I disagree with Plusbike Nerd. Going tubeless is really great. You are able to run lower pressure and dont have to worry about pinch flats. You can safe at least a pound of rotational weight on  going tubeless with fat bike tires.

  • in reply to: Fully Rigid #279793

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Also I have a Salsa Beargreese and Salsa Mukluk which I ride fully rigid but mostly in the winter. Cant wait for the snow to come</p>

  • in reply to: e-bikes #263065

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>A friend of mine broke his hip and now it has been about two month and he is riding his e bike to recover on group rides while other riders are on their REGULAR MTBs. I dont see it as a problem at all and there is no trail damage either as from motorcycles or horses. As long as a rider can handle their bike it wont a problem.</p>

  • Other then Guerilla Gravity what else is made is U.S.A or Canada? Just curious.

  • in reply to: Recovery time for bruised rib (costochondritis) #255724

    If its not broken you can ride no problem. Might want to stick to less bumpy trails to avoid unnecessary pain. I would recommend road or gravel grinding for another week. It will take about a month for pain to fully go away. Happened to me many times. Get G Form t shirt. Makes a big difference.

  • in reply to: How do you handle cycling withdrawal? #254969

    What area do you live in? If you live close to Canadian border we have plenty of snow and trails right  now. Come for a week or more and ride some snowy trails.

  • in reply to: First ride photos of the new year #254604

    That was a ride up in SCMBC Trails in Oro Medonte Ontario Canada.

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  • in reply to: Favorite winter trails in the southeast? #254548

    Interesting topic. I have been to South Carolina for a week to do Surfskiing. Didn’t know that there are mtb trails SC. Perhaps next time I come to South Carolina I should bring my mtb?

  • in reply to: What are the must-ride trails in/near Montreal? #253690

    Bromont about an hour and a half away. Awesome place to ride. Mount Sutton is a bit further but still under two hours. La Chantecler should be about an hour that is another good place . Enjoy!

  • in reply to: Mountain bike to Gravel bike? #247688

    I have a dedicated gravel bike for gravel grinding. I ride Salsa Warbird and I am very happy with it.I put wider 42 more aggressive tires on it and it was enough modifications for me. Not sure why would somebody need a full suspension gravel bike?I run 28 psi in the front and 30 in the rear and bike feels good even on rougher stuff. Having a full suspension gravel grinder would take away efficiency, acceleration and add extra weight to the bike and turn it into a full mountain bike. I like the idea of efficiency and speed of my Salsa and like the idea of riding a bike that feels a little different and faster then my MTb’s.

  • in reply to: Chest Protector #246772

    I would recommend G Forme shirt . I own one of those and it does a pretty good job.

  • in reply to: What MTB trend do you want reversed? #288917

    Problem with leaving fallen trees on the trail is that people will start getting hurt and government will start closing down the trails. You have to understand that back in the day we didn’t have nearly enough people riding as we have now and in many places mountain biking wasn’t fully legal as it is now. Most mtb areas are now being taken care by Clubs and its important to keep the trails  safe and in good shape so the government doesn’t close down our playgrounds.

  • The problem with flat bars is that you can only break from one position. Sure you can put one of those old school “mountain bike drops” that we used to put on our mountain bikes on the ends of handle bars or those “arm rests”that people put closer to the stem but the problem with that is you can’t use them on the fast section because you wont be able to reach your breaks  from them. When using the drops your index fingers are always on the break leavers and you are much more air dynamic then on the flats so that’s why most road-gravel riders prefer riding with drop bars. Sarah swallows bike wasn’t built for full on gravel ride. I am pretty sure she road alot of singletrack.

  • in reply to: Mountain bike to Gravel bike? #277868

    I know some guys that enjoy riding technical stuff like that on their gravel bikes but I dont see a point if I have a mountain bike. I keep my gravel grinder for what it was intended for. Gravel and dirt roads.

  • in reply to: Mountain bike to Gravel bike? #277867

    Hi Koolerb,

    You probably just didn’t get down enough on the drops so that is why the guy on a hardtail was coasting with you. If you would get really nice and low and especially pedalled into the downhill you would easily drop him. I am hundred percent sure that if you are running a two by on your gravel grinder you have at least one harder gear then him and would have dropped him on the downhill. I have had guys on hard tails keep up with me on the climbs or even straight aways but as soon as downhill sections come I am gone. Even on rougher gravel roads I am able to hit 50-60 km in hour as long as I can see ahead and avoid all of the potholes. Gravel bikes are always faster as long as it’s not a singletrack or an full on ATV-Jeep trail.

  • in reply to: First ride photos of the new year #254968

    Where was this? I am always looking for new places to ride in the winter.

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    Do you guys have alot of fat bike trails in the winter that are groomed or just broken into by traffic? Just wondering if it’s worth the drive from Toronto?

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