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  • Other then Guerilla Gravity what else is made is U.S.A or Canada? Just curious.

  • in reply to: Recovery time for bruised rib (costochondritis) #255724

    If its not broken you can ride no problem. Might want to stick to less bumpy trails to avoid unnecessary pain. I would recommend road or gravel grinding for another week. It will take about a month for pain to fully go away. Happened to me many times. Get G Form t shirt. Makes a big difference.

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    What area do you live in? If you live close to Canadian border we have plenty of snow and trails right  now. Come for a week or more and ride some snowy trails.

  • in reply to: First ride photos of the new year #254604

    That was a ride up in SCMBC Trails in Oro Medonte Ontario Canada.

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  • in reply to: Favorite winter trails in the southeast? #254548

    Interesting topic. I have been to South Carolina for a week to do Surfskiing. Didn’t know that there are mtb trails SC. Perhaps next time I come to South Carolina I should bring my mtb?

  • in reply to: What are the must-ride trails in/near Montreal? #253690

    Bromont about an hour and a half away. Awesome place to ride. Mount Sutton is a bit further but still under two hours. La Chantecler should be about an hour that is another good place . Enjoy!

  • in reply to: Mountain bike to Gravel bike? #247688

    I have a dedicated gravel bike for gravel grinding. I ride Salsa Warbird and I am very happy with it.I put wider 42 more aggressive tires on it and it was enough modifications for me. Not sure why would somebody need a full suspension gravel bike?I run 28 psi in the front and 30 in the rear and bike feels good even on rougher stuff. Having a full suspension gravel grinder would take away efficiency, acceleration and add extra weight to the bike and turn it into a full mountain bike. I like the idea of efficiency and speed of my Salsa and like the idea of riding a bike that feels a little different and faster then my MTb’s.

  • in reply to: Chest Protector #246772

    I would recommend G Forme shirt . I own one of those and it does a pretty good job.

  • in reply to: Minimum Ride? #246248

    Excacly. Ride time longer then drive time.

  • in reply to: Advice please #245977

    Thank God it was a joke.

  • in reply to: Is a hip pack enough for mountain biking? #245976

    For XC rides in Ontario it’s just a big water bottle on my frame and tools in my jersey. For big rides in Quebec Canada I always bring my Mule Camelback. Great back protection and can fit just about anything in it.

  • in reply to: Advice for Climbing Technical Hills on a Trail Bike #245470

    Try lowering your handlebars by one spacer and see how it feels. It should help the front wheel to have a better traction on the climbs

  • in reply to: Going Knee Pads – POC, Dakine or TLD? #243709

    Look into IXS Flow knee pads.

    They are very pedal friendly and give you good protection. G form also give you good protection from impacts but if you crash and end up sliding on your knees they will slide off and you will get cuts on your knees. But look at the bright side your knee wont ne broken just cut.

  • in reply to: What do you do when it's too wet to ride… ? #243360

    Go kayaking

  • in reply to: Another Fuggin' Trek?!?!? #241276

    I started mixing it up like you now. Now if Salsa is  sold out that means that they are doing just fine for now without your support so maybe look for another small high end brand.

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    Where was this? I am always looking for new places to ride in the winter.

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    Do you guys have alot of fat bike trails in the winter that are groomed or just broken into by traffic? Just wondering if it’s worth the drive from Toronto?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It looks like a modern downhill bike. If it had an engine then it could have been a dirt bike or a motocross bike whatever name you wish to use .  I think Mtbing will give you  way less problems then motocross. If my bicycle brakes on a trail and I cant fix it I can just carry it back to the car. Doesn’t work like that with a motorcycle. Way more trails are open for bicycles and I get an exercise, piece and quite fresh air.</p>

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 62 total)