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  • in reply to: No more Sette tools..! #116583

    CP1Granny Gear
    "slipfinger" wrote

    All the quoting is putting words into your mouth! 😃

    Oh, OK then…. 😃 All good and no worries… 😉

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    CP1Granny Gear
    "slipfinger" wrote
    Hmm, it think my wrench sets where over $600 each and I have two SAE and Two metric!


    Can I ask what kind of wrenches they are? The top of the line Snap-on set going from 5/16 to 7/8 is only about $300, unless you bought the solid gold anniversary set!! 😕

    Slipfinger…I think what he was speaking of was that he has two SAE sets and two Metric sets which would be up there around that cost or better.

    $600 per set.

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    CP1Granny Gear
    "Stl_Greaser" wrote

    Hey don’t get me wrong I have Parks Tools as well but no way in hell would I spend $90 for a
    Park Tool Wrench set when you can get a generic set that will do the same thing for under $20.


    Hmm, it think my wrench sets where over $600 each and I have two SAE and Two metric![/quote:wi2j9muo]
    This was not what I posted that I am being quoted on?!?!?!? :?:

  • in reply to: No more Sette tools..! #116579

    CP1Granny Gear
    "slipfinger" wrote

    Park tools work…

    Yes, they do… 😆

    "slipfinger" wrote

    …but you’ll have to sell your first born to purchase them.

    😆 😆 😆 Not sure about all that… 😮 That’s a bit far out there you think?… 😆

    "slipfinger" wrote

    Lets be honest here, if you are a weekend warrior like most people there is no real need for Park Tools, all the other brands out there will do the job. If you are wrenching all the time as in you’re a bike mech then Park Tools are the industry standard but just because your bike mechanic has Park Tools does not always mean they know what they are doing. Park Tools are the equivalent of Snap On for the auto mech, they do the job but there are way cheaper options that still get the job done.

    Hey don’t get me wrong I have Parks Tools as well but no way in hell would I spend $90 for a
    Park Tool Wrench set when you can get a generic set that will do the same thing for under $20.

    I’m talking about mechanics tools in general, when it comes to multi-tools there are so many choices out there it will blow your mind but as maddslacker already mentioned Crank-bros has a excellent rep when it comes to multi-tools!

    To each there own man… 😆 Honestly here, I use many wrenches, but as I mentioned before…."PARK tools are awesome and always work when ya need them to work!" Fact is fact, they work when you need them, great quality, have a good warranty, last many years though the price. Many other tools out there that are just as pricey, but usually lack the quality. I want tools that will last and work! As I mentioned previously, I have nothing against other tool makers, well some yes, and some somewhat, and there are other tools makers out there that are just as good as Park with a better price value. To each there own… 😆

  • in reply to: Entry Level Budget Bike #116973

    CP1Granny Gear
    "gunshow" wrote

    the way I see it anything is better than sitting on the couch getting fat and lazy againbut in the future I will be looking for advice on a better bike for a 6′ 2" 215 puond guy

    So very true!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

    6′ 200-210# rider here and loving it! 😄

  • in reply to: Entry Level Budget Bike #116971

    CP1Granny Gear
    "gunshow" wrote

    this will more than likely get some laughes but I ride one of the hated wally world bikes and in my humble opinion sometimes you have to go with what you can afford and I figure when I trash that one I can upgrade to something better

    No laughs and no hate here, as you ride what you can ride. It is all about fun and not what brand or look. When you loose this, then it is not fu anymore. I mean yeah, looks are sweet to have, but these days you have to stay in budget to survive… 😆

    Bro, just have fun shredding on what ya have, and when its time, you will progress to something better. One thing for sure, spending thousands of dollars on bicycles was not in mind when this first started, it was all about fun. I still cannot justify spending over 2K on any bike, and I have never spent over 1.5K on any bike of mine and I have 6 bikes…

    2 – DH/FR
    2 – HT’s (one AM and one big hit FR)
    2 – DJ’s

  • in reply to: Straightline Defacto Pedals #117006

    CP1Granny Gear
    "Gdb49" wrote

    [quote="mtbgreg1":96tjjwth]When creating new topics or asking a question, please only create one new thread per topic. There is no need to create duplicate threads in multiple subforums… just pick the best forum, post the topic there, and I’m sure we’ll find it!

    Thanks so much, and keep on keeping on! 😃

    Sorry about that, I thought I deleted the other one- it was in USA WEST which did not match. I will be more careful in the future.[/quote:96tjjwth]
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  • in reply to: Straightline Defacto Pedals #117003

    CP1Granny Gear

    Straitline pedals are flat out the best on the market if not right near the best!!! I fly with three flatpedals and only three…."Straitline, Epedo (Face-Off), and Azonic A’s (had the Azonics since 2007 and they are still rocking)."

    You absolutely cannot go wrong with these flats by far!! 😄 Good luck and the best of shredding. 😉

  • in reply to: Airborne Wingman #116915

    CP1Granny Gear
    "Stl_Greaser" wrote

    [quote="mtbgreg1":2rj0x5jf]That’s what I was thinking. I am a bit on the fence about getting a 26" dirt jump bike or just going back to a 20" like I used to use. I want to try out a 26er and that is a good price point for me to jump into.

    I still say build your own bro! Nothing against Airborne or any other bike manufacture, but if you are a 20" shredder and that is your passion, then stay with bro. Building your own has an awesome satisfaction to it, and you get what you want and feel bro. 20" bikes handle much better on the DJ’s anyways and way more room for safer tricks as well. Yes, the 26" DJ’ers are a blast on the DJ’s, and much faster and can go bigger per say, but crash harder (so do you…hahaha) … 😆

    Me…I love a 24" on the DJ’s over a 26", feels better and brings me back more to my 20" roots. You can throw more big tricks as well, though at my age, tricks are something a thing of the past per say…. 😆 I have a 26" DJ and a 24" DJ and a big hit FR hard-tail along with my bigger rigs, and I actually really prefer the 24" over the 26" on the DJ’s. Trail and bigger features, I rather be on my big steed.

  • in reply to: Sr Suntour Customer loyalty program. #116625

    CP1Granny Gear

    Yeah, but isn’t all Suntour forks elastomer forks?

  • in reply to: Airborne Wingman #116911

    CP1Granny Gear
    "Stl_Greaser" wrote

    Yeah, I was also looking at some of the NS bikes and fames. What would you thing about starting off with the Ns Soda slope frame. I may still get the Wingman to start off with because the price is right and I am just starting with dirt jumping and will not be going very big for a while now!
    I do like the thought of a dual suspension dj frame as in the NS!

    Bro, you can’t go wrong with NS, especially the Holy or Metropolis DJ’s, but yeah man, that Soda is a sick bike for all around shredding. A lot of travel for the DJ specific, but yeah, great bike for FR, hucking off step-downs, and throwing in some bigger DJ’s. Shorter travel is better for specific DJ’s.

    Even then, yeah, that Airborne is a descent DJ starter. However, you definitely cannot go wrong with the NS steeds.. 😄

  • in reply to: Sr Suntour Customer loyalty program. #116623

    CP1Granny Gear
    "ollysj" wrote
    The intention of this program will allow the end user to upgrade his/her own suspension fork to something that will align better with their riding style and overall expectations than their current suspension fork.

    Will I get a RS or a Fox as an upgrade 😄

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Too funny… 😄

    Never had too much love for any RST forks, as they are all beginners of the beginner forks, and I do believe they are all elastomer forks.

  • in reply to: Airborne Wingman #116909

    CP1Granny Gear

    If you really want to get into DJ’ing, then fly with a chromoly frame for strength, as those hydroformed aluminum frames do not hold up in the long run. Seen too many crack and break. If you plan on getting this stock from Airborne, then the first thing I noticed was the Sealed Alex FR-30 wheel-set & Tektro Auriga Comp hydraulic discs. They both suck bro. Alex rims are crap for the DJ’s, FR, or DH. I know I owned two separate wheel-sets of them. The Tektro fluid brakes are so not worth it, they truly suck.

    In the long run it is a descent starter DJ bike though, however, there is some real sweet DJ bikes out there on the market to look at first before pulling the trigger on this one. You can always just purchase a frame and build it your way, which is always the best way bro. You build it how you want it, not some one else or as a starter.

    Good luck though bro! 😄

  • in reply to: It’s better to drink beer after exercise than water #116769

    CP1Granny Gear
    "ablack84" wrote

    I thought beer dehydrated you? Oh well, not going to agrue with the article! I’ll have to test this one for myself! PBR Me ASAP! 😃

    My many years working in the medical field in the military and in civilian life, drinking alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, champagne, & liqueur) does dehydrate you. Not saying it is bad for you, but for recovery?!?!? 😏 😆

    Come on, this test was done by a bunch of young college students that I am very positive that they drink their fair share of alcoholic beverages. To me, this is kind of a one sided story. Liquids or solids rich with vitamins & minerals is the best recovery all-in-all. 😉

    The body needs water, healthy food, vitamins and minerals to survive, and alcoholic beverages do not provide this, but drain the body of these most needed substances. 😉

  • in reply to: disc brakes #116658

    CP1Granny Gear
    "sebastien" wrote

    Guys I hate making a new thread for a simple question, I have a 203mm front/185mm rear, I want to switch both to 160mm, I am all XC/no downhill, is this as simple as removing the adapter and swapping rotors?

    Unless your fork only accepts a 203 rotor (like my Totem), then all you need to do is mount your calipers to your 74mm posts or use a adapter for a 51 or 54mm posts/tabs on your fork. You will only need the 51 or 54mm adapter to attach your brake caliper to your rear frame tabs. You may want to run 170 up front and 160 in the rear though, as you will get better braking power with the larger rotor up front. Anyways, good luck man. 😃

  • in reply to: No more Sette tools..! #116574

    CP1Granny Gear

    PARK tools are awesome and always work when ya need them to work! 😄 Bontrager and Sette SUCK royally… 😆 Never used Pedro though, so not aware of their rep. One thing for sure, Bell by far makes batter tools than Sette… 😆

  • in reply to: Fat Bikes: Slow and Pointless? #116559

    CP1Granny Gear

    Not sure as to riding a fat bike in snow, but they are becoming a favorite down in sunny FL. You see them quite often, even in the many Hash Rides they have down there. If anyone has done a real FL Hash Ride, then you know what I mean. That is real damned tough. See them on the dirt trails more and more as well. Excellent bike for the beaches though, and not really slow and clumsy as so noted above, though not in sugar sand or beach sand, nor any FL terrain I have seen them conquer… 😆

    They are far from being a slow bike as well, they are very fast cruisers. I do think they have a clumsy turn ratio though. Damn near of crash a few times on one in tight and sharper turns on dirt or pavement.

  • in reply to: Mechanical to hydraulic brake line placement. #116596

    CP1Granny Gear
    "DustyRhodes" wrote

    I have upgraded from mechanical disk brakes to hydraulic. My problem is the old guides where the original cables went are designed for just that type of cable, is there a cleaner way of keeping my new hydraulic lines attached to my bike other than zip ties?

    Yes, they have either Velcro straps in various colors for this soul purpose, but also bands and cable guides. You can find them at places like JensonUSA, PricePoint …etc…etc., but also your LBS may have them as well.

  • in reply to: BoXXer RC or Domain Dual crown RC!? #116504

    CP1Granny Gear
    "wildwestjake" wrote

    I have a marzo RV that came on my Airborne Taka and it is fine for the dirt jumping I do, but it tops out, and the amount of adjustment is WAY to small, that’s why want a new DH fork, I considered the single crown idea, but I like the amount of travel dual crowns give.

    Ahhh, the ole IH Yakuza. Bro if you want a solid fork for this bike without all the weight of the dual and triple crowns, then fly with either the Totem or the Lyric, as they are both the strongest single crown forks on the market and still make an exceptional DH/FR fork, but lighter.

    The Totem is absolutely theeeeee strongest SC fork anywhere, and just as strong as any DC or TC fork out there. I have run on DC, TC, and I have come to the solid conclusion among many others that the Totem is really hard to beat, Fly with the Solo Air, that way you can either run them solo air coil or just spring coil. I beat the living hell out of my Totem with big hit step-downs (ledge drops) to flat and trans, bomb through gnarly rock and root gardens, lots of abusive DH, and the DJ’s as well, and they hold up so strong and sure. I am getting my second Totem in Wednesday for my other big bike, and I am soooo stoked bro.

    Nothing wrong with the Boxxer bro, if DC or TC is what you really want, but they are a stiffer fork per say. I have the single crown Domain, and it is a great fork, however, holds nothing to Lyric, and especially the Totem.

    Good luck and shred on bro! 😄 😄

  • in reply to: Are these even needed on my fork? #116484

    CP1Granny Gear
    "General_Eggs" wrote

    But isn’t mountain biking for fun in the first place? 😄 This is just for the sake of having a bike to mess around with on some local trails. I need a project for boredom repellent.

    Absolutely!!!! It is all about fun and noting but fun, and if you take that scenario out of the grand picture, you are left with nothing… 😆

    You get a bike, you ride it, ride it again, and you are then having fun. Some have forgotten this TRUTH and have got so mixed up in the technology and the weight game these days, that they lost all the true meaning why and how MTB’ing truly started…."Its true roots". It started as an inspiring story as yours brother 😉 😄

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